Biya sweeps 9 regions but lost in his second home as CDPM councilors rebel party list and vote in conscience

It was an election which many had predicted the outcome even before the over 9900 councilors across the ten regions of the country took to the polls on March 25th to vote for their respective senators.

Statistically, the ruling CPDM commands comfortable and sizeable majority in terms of numerical strength in all ten regions of the country and many had been preparing for a one party senate.

The closest any party could rival the ruling party is the in the north West region of the country where the difference of councilors was beatable  so the chief opposition party was counting on the conscience of CPDM councilors who had money, party interests and political future against them if they choose to go the opposition way.

Soon after the elections were held, Minster Atanga Nji of territorial administration quickly organized a press conference where he praised the transparency and near perfectness of the elections in all en regions of the country, snubbing calls from some quarters that the ongoing Anglophone crisis made the outcome of the results questionable especially in the Sout West regions given that some councillors could not vote and were hiding in bushes.

Soon after his proclamation, the SDF list leader for the South West region took his case to the people with a hastily organized press conference of his own. Prof Kalle decry what he termed serious electoral malpractices, citing councilors hiding in bushes who cannot vote and transporting of councilors through military helicopter to vote elsewhere due to the crisis on election day as some of the of the loopholes of the elections.

He promised to take his case to the constitutional council which he did and the matter was flown out of the body as the judges say the elections took place within the appropriate contest and the opposition put forward by Fru Ndi’s party could not have possibly affected the final outcome of the elections

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And so did we arrive April 5th at 11:00AM where judges of the newly created constitutional council took to the senate floor at the Yaoundé conference center to proclaim the contested second senatorial elections.

After close to 15 minutes of detailing and praising the transparency of the election process and the President of the constitutional council who ignore the English language as he spoke exclusively in French in a bilingual country finally rollout the election results.

In the presence of the head of state, Pau Biya shock many by making a rare appearance during an event proclaiming election results, Clement Atangana calmly reads the election statistics of all then 56 divisions and polling stations across the ten regions of the country, showing signs of fatigue, elderly and accumulated avoidable mistakes in rare show of public lapses for the new man in charge.

President Biya and his council of ministers present probably left very satisfied s his party swept 9 regions of the country, losing only to the heavily contested North West region and opposition stronghold of the country in an election results many had known before now.

The president of the republic has 10 days according to the law to appoint the remaining 30 senators to complete the list to 100


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