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Senatorial appointment looms: Will Biya bring staunch loyalist Ekema Patrick to the Nalova-Atanga club?

Insulted, condemned and attacked from within and without, that has been the fate of the embattled Buea Mayor Ekema Patrick Esunge ever since the start of the Anglophone crisis.

The political Maradona as he is fond called by his increasingly dwindling supporters have been struggling even within his own party to as his lists of political opponents keeps growing in a politically charged Fako division and it seems he has been dribbled in his own game

But it his tough stance against secessionists which brought him to the limelight and made him “enemy of the struggle”

The lord Mayor of Buea and other party loyalists Atanga Nji and Nalova Lyonga joined voices to condemn the movement which was sweeping across the region.

His utterances and controversial interviews throw him in the spotlight and distance him further from the people as any see him as “puppet of the regime” and a man who is out of touch with his people’s plights

EKema seem to have ignored the political consequences is his actions as he went fearlessly against secessionists, even orchestrated the obstruction of SDF lawmakers and their influential chairman John Fru Ndi to be holdup in their hotel for hours before being released to attend their planned rally in Molyo Buea.

Mayor Ekema seem to have cross many redlines and the population went after him with countless attack on social media, and his residence was vandalized during the September 22nd 2017 protests  leaving many cars and other  properties destroyed.

But while the attack drew sympathy from some quarters as different delegations across the country from Douala to Yaoundé rush to the mayor’s defense and gave him their support in cash and kind to refurbish his partly destroyed properties. But his problems were far from over

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Human right campaigner and close ally to Senator Mbella Moki who happens to be a political opponent to Ekema launched an investigation to uncover what he said were fake certificates of the Mayor.

According to documents he obtained from the Cameroon GCE board, the mayor never had GCE advance level certificate and could not have possibly gotten admission in UB where he did his graduate and post graduate studies.

Social media users fed fat on the information as the scandal as the scandal widens, prompting a rare student protests inside UB demanding the minister investigate the mayor  during the installation of their new VC in front of minister Fame Ndongo.

But for an institution were students protesting peacefully were met by brutal police crackdown, the fact that same students were allowed to protests just in front of the Amphi 750 in the presence of  minster is testament that the tentacles of Ekema’s enemies certainly spreads wide.

The minister did promise to investigate the issue and the new UB V has promised they are looking at the investigation and that is all the public have gotten ever since.

But after months of constant attack and political witch-hunt, the mayor remains resolute even though he is losing political grounds very quickly.

The March 2nd presidential decree which saw the elevation of other regime loyalists Atanga Nji and Nalova did not see the rise of Ekema as many had predicted but political observers still thinks he might still be compensated in the senatorial appointments which President Biya is expected to make in the coming days or better still might be the first government delegate of the future Buea City Council should opposition win the town in the forthcoming elections

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If for anything, mayor Ekema is too young and has accumulated too many political foes to go in politic wilderness


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