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I would be surprised if President Biya doesn’t appoint opposition candidates for senate-Elvis Ngole Ngole

Imgae of prof.Elvis Ngole Ngole
Prof. Elvis Ngole Ngole

CRTV’s favorite political scientist/analyst and former forestry minister Professor Elvis Ngole Ngole says he would be surprised if the president does not appoint opposition in the senate

The staunch CPDM supporter and member of the party’s prestigious poli-bureau was speaking today Sunday April 8th 2018 on the popular magazine program Cameroon Calling where he is not becoming a frequent guest.

The political scientist was speaking as expectations remains sky high as to who will constitute the 30 senatorial positions to be appointed by the president of the republic after his party swept 63 out of the 70 seats available for elections last March 25.

In his usual flamboyant and regime praising attitude, the South West born Ngole Ngole who is well known for his bias analysis and blind support for the government maintain his mantra of trumpeting the near perfectness of his party leader and policies.

Ngole Ngole says the president is an inclusive leader, adding that he has always brought opposition on board in the past to participate for national building and he would be surprised if he doesn’t do that now.

Prof. Ngole Ngole also had some good words for the chief opposition party the SDF, who were the only other party to in 7 senatorial seats in their traditional bastion of North West region.

I must congratulate the SDF, he says, they have proven that Bamenda is their bastion, he added referring to the defeat of his party in the opposition stronghold.

The former minister has consistently been a staunch supporter of the government even though he has struggled to defend sme government policies during the ongoing Anglophone crisis

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