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“We voted for your policies not your certificates”- Supporters of embattled Buea mayor show support as Political Maradona loses academic battle

The lord Mayor of the Buea municipality finds himself in a position no one will ever want to be as the 72nd session of University of Buea’s senate on April 6th 2018 unanimously deciding to withdraw his certificates following month’s long investigation into alleged academic forgery.

The decision which officially puts to an end the debate whether the Buea mayor had his GCE Advance level or not has put the mayor on the back seat of the political chessboard of the region.

As the news of the academic hammer striking hardest on the head of the man many consider to be an enemy of the people” considering his vocal support for the government during the ongoing Anglophone crisis which has angered many including some of his core supporters, supporters of the Buea landlord have taken to social media to show their man some love nonetheless

Turbulent political Past

The former deputy mayor of the prestigious Buea council rose to fame when his political godfather turn enemy senator Bella Moki Charles catapulted him to the political limelight after he stepped down as the Mayor of Buea following his two years rule in 2012.

The man fondly called the political Maradona campaigned on the theme” change has finally come to Buea” and had a sweeping victory to the council thanks in part because of the huge works and successes done by his predecessor to beautify the town and make it modern.

With Billions flowing from Yaoundé to further beautify the historic town ahead of celebration of 50 years of reunification of the country, the mayor was one of the happiest in the country and carries his shoulders sky high as many of his compatriot could only dream of his achievements within a short time.

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His early successes were quickly followed by a series of scandal and political missteps, with leaked images of the mayor and prostitutes circulating on social media and reports of political arrogance towards those who took him to the top causing a huge dent to his political ego.

The high point did come during the start of the ongoing Anglophone crisis in November 2016.
The mayor took a defiant tone, distances himself from the people and supported the government while brandishing his credential as a historian with in depth knowledge of the situation at hand

Mayor Ekema pickup so many enemies along the way, hated within his party and chastised by the population, the many that was once flying sky high suddenly came crashing.

But when human right campaigner and close ally to Senator Mbella Moki who happens to be a political opponent to Ekema launched an investigation to uncover what he said were fake certificates of the Mayornot many took him seriously even though his findings gained plenty of online supports.

According to documents he obtained from the Cameroon GCE board, the mayor never had GCE advance level certificate and could not have possibly gotten admission in UB where he did his graduate and post graduate studies.
The final outcome is what we have today, the university we the mayor studied and achieve quite a lots finds him guilty and revokes his certificates to further worsen his woes.

But even as the mayor faces this political siege, some of his supporters have taken to social media to express their support.

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Speaking to teboPost, the CEO of TNN Tah Mai says “this is a conspiracy against the people’s mayor” before adding that “check the Muea market to see what he has done for the people’
Squeezed on the fact that the University of Buea have already found their mayor guilty, Tah Mai said” the evidence are not clear and it’s a political witch-hunt”

Other users took to social media to say they voted for his policies not his certificates” You become a mayor by election and not by university degrees. He has proven his worth by dealing a serious blow on haters of Cameroon in his municipality. Better an illiterate mayor who is fighting for Cameroon, than a Ph.d holder like Ayaba Cho, who is fighting against Cameroon.” He writes as the news grows wild

The latest decision by UB senate might have caused a huge political blow to his hopes of climbing the political ladder of the country for now, but Cameroon being what is it, nothing is ruled out just yet


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