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Register or face the law: Atanga Nji gives ultimatum to chaotic Douala bike riders as embolden MINAT boss dares to go where others botched.

The minister of territorial administration Pau Ataga Nji has continued with his strings of executive decisions to bring much needed order to different sectors in the country

After being very active in the restive Anglophone regions, unleashing a series of executive orders and embarking on  official trips to the restive North West and South West regions, the firebrand CPDM leader has entered the chief town of Littoral, Douala in same swagger and flamboyance as he seeks to stamp  his authority on the national stage

The visit to Cameroons’ economic capital saw the MINAT boss holding top level security meetings with administrative officials of the town at a time when the entire country is affected by the ongoing crisis which he says the situation is improving even though statistics on the ground says otherwise.

Minister Atanga Nji during his stay in Douala, has given all the tens of thousands of motorbike riders in the city up to three months to get registered or face the law

Douala, Cameroon’s second largest city has the largest contingent of bike riders in the country. Hundreds of thousands of youths depends on it as a means of employment while many more families rely on them for livelihood.

But the sector especially in the city of Duala has been notorious for bringing chaos in the city and ignoring existing laws.

In abit to reduce insecurity and ensure that bike riders can easily be identified, the minister has therefore call on all them to identify with local administrators in order to increase security within the city.

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Apart from long term security risk and the need to bring order in the lawless sector, it is not yet known if there are any immediate security risks in the economic capital compelling the government to take these measures

Minister Atanga Nji had banned circulation of bikes in some areas of the North West and Southwest regions when he took office as new MINAT boss for a 7 days renewable period.

Armed groups uses bikes as means of transport to attack and caused harm to security forces, part of his statement banning the movement of bikes reads according to the communiqué which TebooPost had a copy.

Others have tried but failed in the past

Many will agree that the bike riders in the city of Douala almost run their “own government”. They hardly respect any rule and ignore basic traffic codes with impunity thereby causing endless traffic in the town.

Previous administrators who’ve tried to bring order in the chaotic sector have all failed.

Douala bike riders have made no secret of their intentions to go on strike which can cripple the entire city and many administrators have been mulling best possible option which will not anger the group considering their sizable figures.

But if there’s any man who can bring order in the sector, it is no other than the no nonsense Minister Paul Atanga  Njj.

The MINAT boss is a shroud politician blending both hard and soft power with ease and seems to enjoy the confidence from the head of state.

He seizes national stage ever since he was appointed, dominating headlines and setting new standards as he inherits a ministry with multiple homeland security challenges.

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Bringing order to Douala motorbike rider might as well be the greatest challenge yet to Minister Atanga’s massive political cloud as well as his land mark achievements if he succeeds.


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