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Trump says Assad will pay “big price” for gassing own citizens, Russia vows to retaliate with full force- What is going on in the world?



US President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Sunday to attack Iran and Russia for backing the Syrian regime, warning that there would be a “big price” to pay for the chemical weapons attack on a rebel stronghold late Saturday night that killed dozens of civilians.

“Many dead, including women and children, in mindless CHEMICAL attack in Syria. Area of atrocity is in lockdown and encircled by Syrian Army, making it completely inaccessible to outside world,” Trump posted on Twitter.

“President Putin, Russia and Iran are responsible for backing Animal Assad. Big price to pay,” he tweeted. “Open area immediately for medical help and verification. Another humanitarian disaster for no reason whatsoever. SICK!”

Immediately after those war threatening tweets, the President Trump follow-up by summoning his cabinet and top generals, cancelluing planned meeting with leaders of North America nations to focus on Syria as US and Russia UN ambassadors throw barbs at each other as diplomacy eludes the grieved Syrian people once again.

But as Trump tries to rally international support for an imminent missile strike on Syrian army facilities, its chief acker Russia has vowed to retaliate immediately once the US strike Syria

Russia’s ambassador to Lebanon has said any US missiles fired at Syria would be shot down and the launch sites targeted, a step which could trigger a major escalation in the Syrian war according to independent

The ambassadors remarks echoes that of some Russian officials inside Moscow who have vowed retaliation

Trump waited not time to reply, tweeting “Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and “smart!” You shouldn’t be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!

And almost immediately, Russia fires back through the foreign ministry spokeswoman

“Smart missiles must strike terrorists, not the legitimate government that has been fighting international terrorism on its territory for several years,” Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman Maria Zakharova took to Facebook to respond to Donald Trump’s latest tweets on a possible military strike on Syria as tensions between the two nuclear powers remain dangerously  sky high.



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TeboPost Official ranking: Top 5 most influential Cameroon Anglophone bloggers



The blogging industry is still very young in Africa, especially in Cameroon. But with digitalization comes the proliferation of countless ‘blogs’ and news feeds desperately competing to gain influence and attract followers online.

The battle for blogging supremacy has created outlets with questionable news sources, help, propagates fake news and fuels the debate about who is a blogger

There is a great deal of justified frustration among disillusioned readers of blogs in Cameroon with respect to content and consistency.

But regardless, these personalities have found a way to distance themselves from the lots by generating meaningful and educative content, build a sizable following over the years and make a living through blogging.

TeboPost presents to you the top 5 most influential Anglophone bloggers in Cameroon

5 Joan Ngomba

Joan Ngomba is a household name when it comes to blogging in Anglophone Cameroon and I dare say beyond. The CEO of and DCODE TV show is unarguably Cameroon’s finest entertainment blogger. She is the face of entertainment blogging west of the Mungo.

Her blog is hugely popular within the Anglophone community and her website is splashed with an educative and sensational write-up about Cameroon’s entertainment industry. Her consistency has also been her greatest assert.

Despite being a baby industry (Entertainment in Cameroon with a small following), Joan is one of the few entertainment bloggers who have succeeded to craft a niche for herself and attract thousands of genuine followers online and offline. Her Joan on sex Colum has been one of the most attractive areas of her career. She is a celebrity blogger and ranked 5th on our list

  1. Angu Lesly AKA Dr Stats

His website might be barely a year old but Angu Lesly is already making waves on social media. The sports blogger and his site ( is the one-stop-shop for anything sports in Cameroon and gives its readers the latest updates on local sports news in the country more than any other news platform

His constancy has been heavily appreciated and his mission well documented in the minds of his followers. He has remained deeply rooted in his sporting tradition and is arguably the reference for local sports news in the country

Angu Lesley’s blog is arguably the leading Kamer sports blog that serves fresh content to readers on a daily basis. The blog has released various stories on the transfer of players, contract deals with clubs and remains a reliable and relevant source of sports information. With this undeniable popularity and notability nationwide, it’s easy to see why football fans and sports enthusiasts flock to the blog for daily sports info. He is our 4th most influential blogger.

Tebo Lucas AKA Fit to publish

The CEO of is Cameroon’s most authoritative and daring home-based blogger in the country. The software engineer cum award-winning political blogger and social critic is regarded as one of the finest in his generation.

His online platform is one of the most-read online news platform in Anglophone Cameroon and pride itself as the leader in political news.

 His groundbreaking editorials on political and social happenings in the country are breath-taking and his staggering online reach makes a mockery of his home-based rivals.

TeboPost attracts about 300 000 monthly visitors and is one of Cameroon’s most visited news websites in the country especially Anglophone regional.

 He is also noted for charging high rates for adverts and runs adverts for intuitions and multinationals on his website. He is ranked third most influential blogger in the entire Anglophone regions

  1. Nfor Handson

His name needs no introduction and his platform also known as CNA is a household name. The brave and award-winning former editor in chief of Equinoxe TV Nfor Handson is an online leader in Cameroon’s blogosphere. He occupies our second spot

His blog Cameroon news Agency gain attraction during the height of the Anglophone crisis with accurate and quick updates in crisis hotspots in the country.

With over 50 000 subscribers on his Facebook page and more than 500000 reaches a month, CANa is arguably one of the most read news platform across the linguistic divide in the country

The Swiss-based blogger cum journalist is reputed for undiluted reporting especially during the Anglophone crisis. CNA is one of the, most priced advert news portal

  1. Mimi Mefor

The Germany based celebrity blogger and multiple award-winning journalist is the uncontested queen of breaking news in Cameroon.

Mimi Mefor who gained fame during the Anglophone crisis after she was locked up by the government for ‘inaccurate’ reporting before being released through compassionate grounds won the heart of millions of Cameroonians and her new portal is now a reference in the country

Her unwarranted arrest gave her the platform she needed and re sharp rebuke from the entire price corps, given her a priceless PR campaign any single journalist has ever had

But Mimi has earned her spots in the blogging space; the former journalist at Equinoxe has the most updated news website in the country and remains the only blogger with a certified Facebook page in the entire Anglophone regions

With more than 150 000 Facebook subscribers, Mimi Mefor  Infor (MMI) attracts more than a million readers in a month, beating news organs like state CRTV, CANAL2, and many others.

 We have no information over her advertising rates but with her relatively staggering amount of followers and reach, she will certainly be high priced. She occupies our first spot

NB: The evaluations were done based on number of subscribers (unpaid), consistency, the total number of reach, the amount charged for adverts and online survey accrued out in two regions of the country by TeboPost and TNN

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Powerless Batibo council responds to Ambazonian savagery



The Batibo Council on its Facebook page this Monday writes Monday September 16, 2019 has condemned the brutal and inhuman murder of a woman in that municipality

“It is with anger filled trauma that I write condemning the burial of a life being in our municipality.
No matter the reasons, I shall never be part of such gruesome acts!
I say again, there is life after the crisis and each of us will give an account of what he/ she has done”. The council writes

The killing which has sparked outrage on social media was allegedly carried by Ambazonian fighters.  The fighter in a viral video said she is a “black leg”.

Batibo council in Momo division of the North-west Region is one the areas greatly hit by the socio political crisis in the Anglophone regions of tbe country.

In 2018 the administrative head of the Subdivision was kidnapped on a day Cameroon celebrated her youths. His whereabout have since remained unknown.

Many inhabitants of the Sub Division since the escalation of the crisis have since been seeking for refuge in other towns and cities. They are fleeing from atrocities committed as the conflict in Cameroons North West and South West regions continues to escalate.

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Editorial: Biya flashes Amba light… last.



In a highly awaited speech announced for September 10th 2019, the President of the republic Paul Biya has shocked many.

In one of his longest speeches as president since he took over office more than 36 years ago, the 86 years old focused on the Anglophone crisis ravaging the North West and South West regions

In his introductory note, the president regrets the killing by armed separatists, kidnaps and torture in the three years crisis.

For the first time since the crisis started, the commander in chief also gave his heart felt condolences to all the families affected during the crisis which he said has forced “thousands of our population to live in other regions and neighboring countries”

The President who has been blamed for the poor handling of the crisis moved to familiar territory, enumerating numerous measures he believes his government has taken to resolve the crisis which began as strike led by teachers and lawyers in 2016

In his long list of measures reminiscent to a campaign speech, he mentioned the discontinuance of judicial proceedings to over 200 persons, his offer for armed groups to lay down arms and the creation of national disarmament  and rehabilitation committee among other achievements.

“We will continue to make the necessary efforts to fully materialize these efforts” he adds

But in a speech were many where pregnant with expectations of a big announcement, the president in all honesty failed to deliver once again on the national stage

Opposition leader Maurice kamto and all political prisoners arrested and incarcerated were ignored entirely in the speech

President Biya refutes any claims of marginalization within his government, touting the appointment of prime ministers from Anglophone regions for close to a generation now

Grand dialogue announced

In what could have been a glimmer of hope for the long night, the president announced a massive dialogue which has been describe as panacea to finding lasting solutions to the crisis.

President Biya says all sons and daughters of the republic will be called upon to participate in the dialogue to find lasting solutions in the country. The dialogue according to him will be chaired by the prime minister, rallying lawmakers, business leaders, security forces, armed groups and victims of the crisis among others.

Why the dialogue will be seen as a welcome move by many back in the Anglophone regions who have long clamored for any dialogue of this kind, the terms of the dialogue will certainly fail to please hardliners who say any such dialogue must take place out of the borders of the country and chaired by a third party.

Long speech, nothing new

In all, the president said nothing new in the highly awaited speech, touting regular phrases and achievements many believed was meant for International audience and CPDM supporters.

President Biya also failed to grant the much clamored amnesty to prisoners involved in the crisis, and rather intensifies his advocacy for a one and indivisible Cameroon, a statement critics perceives as a provocation to the separatists

For those who were expecting general amnesty, the President was clear, no one should be deceived that criminal acts would be pardon just to advance dialogue, he said, and made it sufficiently clear that perpetrators of violence abroad will face justice in no time as he slaps the wrong people and embrace the right ones

He however says that after the grand dialogue, a presidential pardon might be rollout to those incarcerated on certain conditions, while insisting that any such dialogue must take place within the constitution of the republic and the country.

National Reaction

Speaking to CRTV after the speech, the revered Catholic cardinal, Christian Cardinal Tumi who has been a vocal critic of the regime says he is positive with the announced dialogue, urging the prime minister to take all measures to ensure it’s a success

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