Fru Ndi summons crucial NEC meeting: Killed by CDPM, SDF risks being buried by Anglophone crisis if they don’t change course

National chairman and party founder Ni john Fru Ndi is summoning his top party brass or those left worthy of the title for a crucial forthcoming National executive committee.

The body which is the highest organ of the party constitutes national executives of the party, its elected officials in the council and lower and upper house of parliaments.

The residence of the party’s all powerful and influential national chairmen has been the venue of choice for the past crucial meetings and this one would probably not be different.

But wherever the party choses its meeting is of no importance to the Cameroonian people especially the population of the restive Anglophone region who constitute the party’s base

Like it or not, SDF has legitimatize all previous elections in the country and time after time, the elections have proven beyond doubt that SDF is a regional party with Anglophones regions its power base and a few sympathizers in littoral and western regions even though party officials would never want to admit

Coming just a week after the constitutional council officially handed SDF their 7 senators in the North West Region as the ruling CPDM sweeps the entire country with 63 senators and the President still to appoint the next 30, SDF would certainly have plenty of burning issues ahead of busy electoral calendar.

SDF presidential candidate Joshua Osih and other militants of the party
SDF presidential candidate Joshua Osih and other militants of the party

The firebrand MP Hon Joseph Wirba has left the country for self-imposed exile, recalcitrant mayors have been axed and new senators are coming to play with forthcoming unannounced parliamentary, council and presidential election calendar possibly on agenda, SDF needs more than just a “crucial NEC” meeting.

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But amidst all these, one of the greatest existential threats to the chief opposition party is the Anglophone crisis.

The crisis continues to worsen as thousands of Cameroonians and SDF supporters remain on exile, many have been killed and wounded as others have pickup arms to fight what they believe is a repressive government and their right to self determination

Apart from verbal condemnation and strong words, the country’s chief opposition party has failed the people who made them popular.

They have failed to hold the government to account, launched aggressive international push for more pressure on the Biya’s government and have put their party interests ahead of the people even when their party is gradually diminishing in size and stature even in their own strongholds as the people suffer.

SDF is basically a dead party at the mercy of the CPDM and the only reason they are still relevant is because the ruling CPDM wants to give the international community the impression of a semblance of democracy at home, else SDF would have been dead and buried

But if the CPDM had killed the SDF party, the Anglophone crisis will certainly burry it if real and concrete measures are not taken immediately to end the troubling conflict at the level of the party.

The party’s official website adorns a Chinese scripted message on its domain name while its official Facebook page is all but death as the party keeps deploying 18th century arsenal to counter 21st century problems- no wonder it’s falling and failing fatly

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True to say the Anglophone problem is bigger than party politics, but the SDF has a lot in its political toolbox to force the government to dialogue with the people.

The party could possibly recall all its elected officials in solidarity with the people; boycott announced or planned elections and deploy more resources to engage international government and community to pressure the government to find long lasting solutions.

But the party has refused to sacrifice its interest, legitimizes elections in the phase of mounting security challenges especially in their own stronghold and shamefully and naively cry foul , deploying lawyers and files to constitutional council to call for cancellation of results of an election they should not have legitimize in the first place.

But as party leaders gather in the days ahead to deliberate on their party’s future, SDF must decide whether they want to remain as a party for the people or the elite.


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