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The final word which enters history: Anglophone activist Khan Terence’s monumental declaration at Yaoundé military tribunal that will leave you in tears

The entire Anglophone population and indeed many concerned Cameroonians have been shocked by the bravery, moved to tears by his impassioned call and yet see hope in his boldness as Anglophone activists Pen Terence makes a historic declaration at the Yaoundé Military tribunal before he was slammed a 12 years jail time plus 5 million fines

In the two page documents read out, the incarcerated activists invokes the anger of the country’s ancestors, summons the conscience of the presiding judge as he touches on almost every thing that matters within the framework of the Anglophone crisis.

Fearless, selfless and patriotic, Terence’s statement brought down tears in the mind of many and instill hopes in the heart of more.

In a biting remark, Terence khan decry the political hand in his arrest and incarceration, details what he says are multiple human rights violation, lectures the judge on multiple international conventions which Cameroon is a signatory to but whose terms the trial currently ignores and been violated with impunity before reminding all those who care to listen what the Anglophone problem really and truly is according to his own perspective

The abduction, incarceration and trial that I have been subjected to…. Is political and challenges the very foundational basis of this country Cameroon” his opening statement reads before taking the judge on international law course.

“…..Not being a member of the army or owner of a military weapon, this trial has violated all my rights as stated in the universal declarations on human rights” he continued before listing the different conventions which Cameroon is a signatory and prohibits trying a civilian in a military court worst still from another town

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He adds that “the charges against my person have been trumped up charges with the courts providing no proof for any of the charges” before concluding that “it’s because there are no charges”

He denies that he is a terrorist or secessionists, but insists the political nature of the trial makes it possible for the court to slam the guilty verdict on him “if the term terrorist is an attribute to people and individual who decry injustice and inequality, then find me guilty for these are the reasons for which I stand before you” he continued as he rattles the court house and continues with his tearful closing statement

He concluded by thanking the judge and wish his message will be sent to appropriate authorities saying “I hope this message will be pass through you to the system that you represent” as  he wraps up one of the most monumental moments in the country’s history



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