Government will not dialogue with separatists-Atanga Nji talks tough again

Territorial administration minister Paul Atanga Nji has reiterated government stance with respect to the much talk about dialogue between the government and secessionist.

Cameroon will not negotiate with secessionists, said the minister on CRTV political program Actualite Hebdo adding that president Paul Biya had placed security as a top priority because without it, Cameroon will not be an ideal investment environment.

His statement comes weeks after the country’s communication boss Issa Chirom Bakary had told RFI the country will not dialogue with those who want to secede

The North west born minister and firebrand member of the ruling CDPM was speaking after wrapping up his tour to the troubled North West and South West regions of the country where he stated he came for peace and called on these carrying arms to drop their weapons and follow the “right channel” to send their information to the government

According to him a thirty day grace period will be opened for separatist elements to lay down their arms, failure to do so, “it is the law that will take its course,” he said.

Minister Atnaga Nji had earlier said the situation in the restive Anglophone regions which has moved to an armed conflict is improving despite  existing realities saying otherwise as armed groups continue to clash with the military, kidnapping senior government officials and even traditional rulers with ease.

The two regions have been gripped by what is now known as the Anglophone crisis which started in 2016 with lawyers and teachers protests.

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The peaceful protests which was ignored and met with force quickly turn to a separatists call as the government punch harder.

The two dominant English speaking regions are calling for autonomy from the majority 8 French speaking regions of the country.

Leaders spearheading succession have been arrested and jailed in Yaoundé awaiting trial and the conflict has worsened ever since.

October 1st 2017 recorded one of the bloodiest days as many civilians who ignored government’s curfew took to the streets to celebrate symbolic independence were met with bullets.

International bodies and other nations have been calling for dialogue with the people and they dialogue is yet to begin as the crisis worsens.


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