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What happened? Why the Musonge led commission failed earlier than expected?

Created with the sole mission to bridge the linguistic and cultural divide between the English and French population of the country, the Multicultural and Bilingualism committee better known as the Musonge committee has failed as many predicted.

Created in 2017 as one of the measures to solve the ongoing Anglophone crisis, The National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism has proven all its distractors right

First it was the appointment of the head, former premier peter Mafany Musonge and some members of the committee

Then on the 14th of June 2017, the committee sat at the Yaoundé Hilton Yaoundé where they made it public that all was set to begin work.

Committee members said they have already ac acquired an office space, the team was complete with the appointment of Secretary General North West born Chi Asafor Cornelius  and other members. The government had also given them an initial running budget of over 300 million and the much criticized committee had the huge chance to prove their detractors wrong but they didn’t.

The committee with much heralded on public news outlet soon went to sleep even before they started working, after some members made some allowance benefiting trips to some regions the Musonge committee like most other commissions in the country went onto coma

Government documents still flood out of ministries in one language-French, bill boards in urban and rural areas across the linguistic divide still maintains the language of choice of their area and no strive has been made to bridge the gap if anything it has rather worsen from where they took over

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Very few people ever believed in the success of the committee. Many critics including myself saw the creating of the committee as governments’ short-circuiting the solution to the Anglophone problem which certainly will not have any long term or short term impact.

The people have generally rejected the commission and even its embers whom many accused as being tribal in their public utterances.

As the Anglophone crisis worsens, the commissions struggled to show its relevance and government is focus on bringing calm to the restive regions of the country.

They members have made few outings to some government offices, made public statements about the need for bilingualism and much more.   But those ceremonial outings evidently shows a commission void of strategy and lack of the people support, no wonder most of their work this far has been snubbed by the media and rightly so


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