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Ambazonian forces defy armed-to-the-teeth BIR, attack Governor Okalia’s motorcade in an ambushed which has rattled Yaounde

It was frightening and seemingly an expected gun battle considering how the governor was dressed for the trip and the level of security accompanying the top boss of the region and sends a distress signal down the spines of authorities in Yaoundé as the so-called Ambazonian defense forces mustered the courage to historically launched an armed attacked on the Governor of South West region’s convoy as he travels to Meji, Lebialem division to install the newly appointed senior divisional officer

In a two part video circulating online, the Equinoxe TV South west regional correspondent Eric Jato who was onboard the convoy to Menji detail the attack and how the country’s elite security forces BIR fought gallantly to prevent the governor and his team from becoming the biggest and newest hostages in the hands of the increasingly violent separatists forces whom the government considers terrorists.

In the videos, the Governor of the South West who has been heavily criticized in some quarters for his tough handedness of the conflict was bullet proof protected and a military helmet worn on his head as his security details must have warned the boss of the region of the impending security challenges in that part of the country.

Led by the country’s rapid Intervention battalion, Cameroon’s elite security forces, the convoy was trailed and directed by an armored vehicle to the town of Menji, and the military constantly surveyed the area for armed groups as the motorcade drives pass nearby bushes before being attacked.

Armed groups surfaced from nearby bushes nonetheless and rained bullets on the convoy before they were quickly repelled by the combat-ready military.

With state of the art military equipment, the convoy stopped regularly to survey the eras and ensure it was safe whenever they moved into nearby bushes. That however did not prevent the separatists’ forces from launching a bold and daring attack even through no person was reportedly hurt.

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In a shaky and distressful video filled with sounds of bullet, Mr Jato recounts the battled as the country’s defense forces fought professionally to keep the team safe. The governor successfully reached his destination

The Governor finally reaches Menji a place the journalists says “Menji is now having the picture of a war zone” and installs the new senior divisional officer ETA MBOKAYA ASHU in a ceremony void of persons and dance groups as it is traditionally the case and headed back to the regional capital through the West region where his convoy was attacked again.

The Journalist recounts that the second attack took place as they were ascending Lewo village and it was even more intense than the first even though the country’s military fought back and  prevented any casualties and the armed groups ran back to their hideouts in nearby bushes.

There was no report in the video if any of the militant was killed by the country’s security forces


The recent attack has quickly made rounds on social media as this is the first time the armed men are launching an attack against a government official of the governor’s portfolio

The Anglophone crisis has gradually moved to an armed conflict between government forces and separatists who have kidnapped government officials in the past, killed some and taken ransomed for the safe release of others

The government continues to maintain that it will not dialogue with terrorists or those who want to divide the country as the two years crisis continues to bite and leave the regions in uncertainty

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