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Governor Okalia cheats death, SDF barks again, US offers to referee Anglophone dialogue as Buea survives week end of uncertainty: 5 things to know this morning

US ambasodor , Fru Ndi, Okalia Bilai (left to right)

It was a weekend of news making events. While you were away, TeboPost compiled the top news making stories during the past week to get you to speed.

Governor Okalia cheats death as ambazonian forces launched an ambushed on his motorcade to Menji

Videos of an attacked by the ambazonian forces against the South West regional governor’s convoy made headline news during the week. The Governor who was on his way to install the new senior divisional officer for Menji, Lebialem came under heavy attack around the village of Lewo from armed men.

In a two part video circulating online, the Equinoxe TV South west regional correspondent Derick Jato who was onboard the convoy to Menji detail the attack of how the country’s elite security forces BIR fought gallantly to prevent the governor and his team from becoming the biggest and newest hostages in the hands of the increasingly violent separatists forces whom the government considers terrorists.

No casualties were recorded during the attack as the “invisible gunmen” flee into the bushes Read More…

SDF Barks Again, but refuse to bite

In their communiqués after the April 21st NEC meeting, the country’s chief opposition party among other things have frown at the government for the escalation of the crisis.

After congratulating their new senators and North West militants for working hard to win the region during the March 25th senatorial polls. The party also OKs Osih’s report for his state of preparedness for the forthcoming presidential elections before decrying the government of holding their campaign funds.

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The party of Ni John Fru Ndi has come under scrutiny for its tough talk but no action during the crisis and its critics say the party has put its interest first ahead of that of the people especially as they constitute the party’s base.

In its final communiqué, SDF once again proves its critics right, the party talks tough again but refuses to bite, saying The “Anglophone crisis is the handwork of the Biya regime” before decrying what they termed CPDM “taking advantage of the crisis” to manipulate some Anglophone youths and destabilize the SDF in the North west Region” a charge the ruling party has also accused  the SDF in the past

US offer to mediate dialogue

The long awaited and much talk about dialogue which has never really started once again came under focus
As the Anglophone crisis worsens, seeing more deaths, attacks and fleeing civilians, the US top diplomat in the county Ambassador Peter Henry Barlerin has offered his country’s expertise to mediate the much talk about dialogue
Ambassador Barlerin on Friday April 20th in Yaoundé says the United States in interested in a stable Cameroon hence, has offered his country’s expertise to help resolve the crisis.

The government or separatists factions are yet to comment on the latest news from the US diplomat

Buea survives a weekend of uncertainty

There was an uneasy calm in the town of legendary hospitality after denizens of the historic town shot down their businesses in large part at the end of last week.

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Banks, stores, and major regional head offices of some companies were all in shut down on Thursday April 19 as rumors of an impending attack loom over the beautiful town.

The attacked that never took place forced residents to spend their week end in uncertainty as the threat from Ambazonian fighters looks ever much real.


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