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This is not who we are: Daphne goes nude, shocks her fans, rubbishes home values and defies her culture

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Charlotte Dipanda is also a star! Shocked Daphne fans cry out as she goes nude, defies her culture and rubbishes home values

Singer Daphne has shocked her fans as she appears almost nude on stage in a performance.

The Cameroonian Diva and singer of calee who appear in a black transparent jumpsuit with black pants and bra, has caused some of her fans to pour in tsunami of criticism online.

The Douala based artists has been trending lately with some of her hist songs calee, promets moi, Jusqu’à La Gare.

Her latest outfit comes just weeks after fans also condemned the dress code of another celebrity singer Balnche Bailly, noted for her explicit music and dressing.

One of Daphne’s fans Kandy Greene  wrote “I just lost respect for you! Is Charlotte Dipanda not famous? But she doesn’t dress like dat! my dear Dafi girl why na!? Why you fall my hand like this! #Daphne_gone_bad” as he refers to Anther music diva that has not been derailed by her fame

Another fan simply asks that they should pray for her before adding that “sure way to hell”

Most African celebrities have been going the western way, dressing and behaving like those in the west in total disregard of their values back home. Daphne’s unpopular dressing code once again puts the singer in the spotlight after she drew  the ire of some fans with gossip magazine team237mag saying she had accused Cameroonian men of being ”unromantic” back in June 2017

Famous for frequently flaunting her legs and other hidden body treasures in her videos and outfit, this is the highest Daphne has gone in her performance in terms of her dress code and the feedback certainly tells it all

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Some African countries Like Tanzania have banned such dressing codes and even obscene music in their country, arresting musicians in a race to preserve the country’s cultural heritage or what is left of it

Nigerian Singer and super star Tiwa Savage also came under scrutiny when she performed naked in one of her videos 4 years ago.



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