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Mancho Bibixy dares Yaoundé, says he expects 40+ years verdict as court slams fellow inmates 11to 13 years jail time today

The incarcerated leader of the coffin revolution Mr. Mancho bibizy has told the judge at the Yaoundé military tribunal that he expects 40 years jail time.

Speaking today April 24 as he along with other Anglophone detainees appear before the judge, the fearless Mancho who once said he was ready to die for the struggle says he will be very disappointed if given 11 years jail time like others.

“If I am given 15 years in prison, I will be very sad. I expect nothing less than 40 years,” Mancho ironically says as Barrister Louisa of the Muna chambers steps in to calm the detainees down.

Earlier during court proceedings, fellow detainees facing similar charges against the state were slammed between 11 to 13 years jail time. Tayo Livite, Wirba Bruno, Nyuyforan Eugene and Nyuyforan Eugene all received 13 years sentence each while Baying Eugene and Numfor Godlove got 12 years each and Lobte Jacob was given 11 years

Sources in court says all those who have been slammed heavy sentences looks reassured and are in good spirits as their defense council seeks to reassure them of their fate

Ever since his arrest in January 2017 in his hometown of Bamenda after refusing to hand himself over the the police, Mancho Bibixy has been making audacious statements at the dungeon. He once said he is the only one with the magic solution to the country’s ongoing Anglophone crisis which has led to many deaths.

For a trial which has lasted more than year with countless adjournments, Mancho warned in May that the country was on a brink top civil war “if all arrested detainees are not freed”.

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“I have a heavy heart because Cameroon is on a brink of a civil war. We find ourselves in this situation because our politicians have failed in finding tangible solutions to our problems,” Mancho Bibixy told the judge then while urging authorities to free all arrested and resume dialogue.

The Cameroon government is accusing Mancho Bibixy of tampering with the integrity of the nation by “demanding the partition of Cameroon through the creation of the State of Ambazonia.”

He is also charged with trying to use violence to demand a return to Federation and for not being in possession of his Identity card.

Their lawyers and activists have slammed the government for trying them in a military court despite the fact that they are not military officials, neither were they caught with a fireman. A violation of international conventions of which Cameroon is a signatory to they say.

Government critics  also say the charges are politically motivated and call for their release, a call the state is yet to listen as detainees continuously get jail time in their final sentencing and government insists it must follow due process and let the law takes it course







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