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Government Nemesis Mark Bareta remains defiant after arrest of mum, pours encomiums on “woman of faith”

Ambazonian activists and secessionist Mark Bareta has confirmed reports that his mother has been arrested and taken into custody at the Buea central police.

In his Facebook wall, he wrote “she is a woman of faith” before announcing her arrests “My mum, a woman of faith. She has been abducted from our little home and taken to Buea Police station where she will pass her first night in behind bars” he wrote  before pouring praises on her believes and her character

“Like every parent, you give birth to a child. You don’t give birth to his or her heart/mind, or control their actions. As a strong CWA (Catholic women’s association) woman, she believes in justice and lives her own small life going to bed every day worried to death, wondering whether I am safe or not.

She has numerous times over the years requested that I slow down but came to the conclusion that I am responsible for my own actions” He wrote in part

Mark decry the arrest though, calling it “an abduction” before leaving some words for the government “La Republique must know that keeping her or any other member of families of activist does not solve the conflict. It will never do until the right thing is done.”

The report of the supposed arrest of Mark’s mother could not be confirmed by TeboPost by the time of putting together this report

Multiples online news sources however have confirmed her arrests and some say the government insists she produces her son. The government is yet to comment on the arrest as activists have rallied on social media to call for the mother’s immediate release

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Rights activists Ayah Ayah wrote on his facebook “I read from unimpeachable sources over the internet that Mark’s mum is in detention somewhere in Buea since last night. I hope she is well taken care of and her rights respected especially considering the fact that she is a woman and above all, a mother.”

Mark Bareta has been a thorn in the flesh of Yaoundé officials, sitting at the heart of the Anglophone crisis, the Belgian based activist with staggering amount of followers have launched an aggressive online campaign to rob the state of its powers in the English speaking regions of the country.

His news platform Bareta.news boost hundreds of thousands of daily followers while his constant micro blogging on Facebook reassuring his supporters and breaking news events back in the country has made him the defacto leader of the  now violent revolution.

Over the years, he has moved slowly from peaceful activism to a radical activist, calling for Cameroonians back home to take arms against the state while spearheading multiple GoFundMe campaigns to raise money for his course.


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