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Opinion: What happened in Kumba was an appalling act of terror intended to instill fear and discourage schooling

The entire town of Kumba and it’s environ was gripped with fear as panic stricken parents rushed to some schools to pick-up their kids before time.

News of Amabazonian forces attack on a school and killing discipline master, leaving another principal seriously wounded and fighting for his life in the hospital sends shock waves across the region which was felt even in the regional capital Buea.

The Anglophone crisis which has moved to an armed conflict between the state and armed men who called themselves liberation forces have been worsening by the day.

Kidnappings, killings and burning of civilian houses have been the modus operandi.

Rights groups have condemned the government for heavy handedness during the crisis, with US reports accusing the state military of arbitrary killings, detention in undeclared facilities amongst other troubling aspects of the report.

The government has always insisted that she is fighting terrorists who seek to harm the population, derail the course of a united nation and keep children away from schools.

The separatists used schooling as one of their major weapon against the state. Basically paralyze the educational system in the entire Anglophone regions of North West and South West of the country last academic year 2017/2018.

But as the population became wary of keeping kids at home, many have send their children to school especially in the urban areas while those in the rural areas where the armed men mostly dwell still keeps their kids from school for fear of an attack like the one in Kumba Yesterday

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Government did promise to secure the schools and students and teachers, assuring parents to shun calls for school boycott and send their kids to school earlier this academic year. And to a large extend parents did listen and kids were sent back to school again especially in urban areas

But what happened in Kumba yesterday where armed men entered in GHS Kosala Kumba and killed the disciple master, chopped off a student’s hand and seriously wounded the Principal of GHS Andeck yesterday April 25th has left many in shock and confusion

Terrorists group like book Haram in Nigeria also has problems with schooling as well as other terrorists’ networks like Taliban in Afghanistan who sees western education as sinful. They have reportedly attacked schools, killed and maimed students as well as adducting others

It is not yet clear why the Ambazonian forces don’t young pupils and students to enjoy their human rights of access to education despite the zeal and will of the students and parents the group claims they are protecting

Their latest attack against the schools in Kumba, killing of persons and seriously wounding many more in an attempt to cause fear and stop schools simply confirms what the government has been saying all along, that they are fighting a terrorist’s network which has infiltrated the population and hijacked a peaceful protests by the people of Anglophone Cameroon.

The government might be guilty of many things including its reluctance to initiate genuine and speedy dialogue as the President prescribe back in December 2017, but the brand of terrorists is certainly not that name the so called Ambazonians will want to be identified with by nationally  and especially at the international community.

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