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Atangana Kouna inspired Camwater-CDE saga: Understanding the mafia which left many Cameroonian homes in water drought

When news started circulating on social media about Sparrow hawk allegedly hovering over the head of now incarcerated former Minister of water and energy Dr Basile Atangana Kouna just days after he was relieved from his ministerial duties in the March 2nd cabinet shakeup, many knew there was something big in the cooking.

Long before many could knew it, the former CAMWATER boss had flee the country in an unprecedented manner which embarrassed the country’s security details and left the government in disbelieve despite a travel ban hanging over his head

But the country fought back fiercely and Dr Basie Kouna was arrested in Nigeria by Interpol and repatriated back home to face multiple charges of financial theft when he was still the boss of CAMWATER.

CMWATER is the company in charge of developing the country’s water resources and it was during the reign of Dr. Basile Atangana Kouna that the government decided to privatize the sector, given Cameroounaise Des Eaux CDE, a Moroccan based company the rights to manage the distribution and sale of portable water in the country back in 2008 for 10 years renewable

From then henceforth the country’s water resources have been disastrous. From inflated bills to taps running dry in almost every household in the country, CDE and indeed CAMWATER has failed and its management has been pathetic. Government’s decision not to renew the contract after 10 years could not have been a wiser one given their record of constant failure to the people

Basically, every town, village and city in Cameroon is suffering from water crisis in a country surrounded with rivers, seas and lakes.

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The body in charge of managing Cameroon’s water has simply failed and even the government owned CAMWATER has not been enviable too

But at the heart of this is the shady deal sponsored and masterminded by Dr Bassile Atangana  Kouana.

The man whom many blamed for the country’s water crisis is alleged to have embezzled state funds and conspired with the Moroccans to Privatize the company at very low cost in exchange of bribes during his tenure as the then GM of CAMWATER

Pleaded guilty weeks back on multiple corrupting charges, Atangana kouna paid the sum of 1.7 billion francs CFA as money stolen from the state but still lavishes in kondegui alongside other high profile thieves.

Their scam and subsequent deaths of many Cameroonians due to water borne diseases especially children cannot be atoned for. The 1.7 billion Dr. Basile gave the state in return for his freedom is certainly a small fraction of the amount he has stolen from the state and insignificant in terms harm and damage he and many others have done to this country and its people through theft of state funds meant to provide Cameroonians good drinking water for the past 10 years



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