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Who is sponsoring Tambe Tiku: Anglophone Rights advocate abandons overabundance of abuses to trail Ekema’s certificate controversy

Cameroon is changing and the political landscape is changing pretty fast to a point when even the policy makers and seasoned politicians like Fru Ndi are taken aback to the fast pace of events around the country.

First came the Boko Haram  menace in the northern part of the country after infiltrating the country from Nigeria, then came to Anglophone crisis currently threatening the very foundation of our fatherland.

For a country with an abundance of problems and multiple international and national organizations decrying the increasing hostile and plethora of human rights abuses, many would have thought the desk of the South West Based human rights boss could have been filled with task

From killings of hundreds of civilians to burning of entire villages leaving tens of thousands of Cameroonian as refugees in foreign countries and many more internally displaced, and the country military and resources is stretched like never before.

With Boko Haram in the North of the country and Anglophone armed secessionists in the South West and North West regions of the country, many have been quick to point accusing fingers on many fronts especially when it comes to rights abuses

Human rights advocate barrister Agbor Bala has been on the forefront along with major international bodies like Amnesty International to document detail and trumpet what they say are rights violations in the country committed by both sides of conflict even though the government has always refused the charges against its military.

A recent US report blames the country’s military for arbitrary and unlawful killings through excessive use of force by security forces; disappearances by security forces and Boko Haram.”

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Simply put, Cameroon’s human rights record has never come under this kind of scrutiny in its modern history and most of the rights abuses are taking place at the backyard of the regional secretary of national commission of human rights and Freedoms Banister Tambe Tiku.

Surprisingly enough, very little has been heard from the man who was supposed to be at the forefront of the crisis, with multiple kidnappings, killings and burning and destruction of people properties and even persons, the legal mind choses to focus on a certificate controversy about the lord mayor of the Buea municipality, Mr. Patrick Ekema.

In a period when the country is aggrieved with every single Cameroonian thinking and working out how best we can take out country out of this abyss called Anglophone crisis and move forward in peace and development like we once did, the issue of the authenticity of a Mayor’s certificates is the last think the on the aggrieved peoples mind.

Whether Ekema had his certificate genuinely or not is of no importance to ordinary Cameroonians, after the mayor was never voted for his academic qualification in the first place, a concerned Cameroonian wrote TeboPost

It’s no secret that the Lord Mayor of the Buea municipality has fallen out of favor with some regional elites who are bent on scarifying the man many fondly called the political Maradona of the region at the altar of political self-aggrandizement and barrister Tambe Tiku might just be a means to achieve that goal.

The speed, publicity and rigor in which Barrister Tambe Tiku employed, not leaving out the time and resources just to name and shame the Mayor at this time with countless issues of national concern, many have simply been shocked in disbelief.

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Many Cameroonians expect the once respected human right lawyer to use such resources to tell the story of a homeless family in Kwakwa, or an innocent civilian killed in Kumba, kembong, Ikiliwindi or a kidnapped government official in Lebialem, stories everybody is taking about and wants to hear their rights advocate talk about not whether the court has the powers or not to halt the senate’s decision revoking Ekema’s certificate from UB or not.



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