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Unrepentant corruption: One candidate appears 18 times on a single list of just released police “concours”

Candidates writing police concour

Mbah Lucas Tebo

The results of the police competitive entrance exams launched by President Paul Biya in May 2017 have been released. The much awaited results which were made public on Friday 27th April 2018 are punctuated and trailed with Surprises and irregularities.

It is not secret that public entrance examinations in this Cameroon are marred in massive corruption and shady deals amongst the elites and the rich who buy places of relatives, but the alarming rate of unpardonable mistakes in terms of outright corruption has been alarming

For candidates who are to be trained to enforce the law within the country, some of them have been admitted through practices which go out of the very law they are expected to enforce upon the completion of their training.

Thousands of people were admitted to the different sections, including commissioners, inspectors, police officers, peacekeepers, and so on.

On the list of peacekeepers, there are 7631 persons on the list to be admitted. Among these people about twenty candidates who are bearing the name Amougou. This name would have gone unnoticed if it was not related to the General Manager of the group Anecdote who made the headlines at the moment.

Moreover, on the list of commissioners and inspectors, one could read the name of Paul Biya among admitted candidates. Errors that call into question the credibility of the contest and the authenticity of the results proclaimed.

This is not the first time a candidate appearing more than once in a public exam for direct recruitment in the country.

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In March 2015, advance school of international relations IRIC was also marred in scandal as they released two separate lists of candidates for the same exams.

Interestingly, the first list included 15 admitted students and a waiting list with four (4) names.

The new list had 15 students, but there was no waiting list attached to it. But somehow, some candidates from the waiting list were clandestinely declared admitted

In 2013,in the same IRIC, nine candidates who were declared admitted were allegedly ordered to leave the faculty by the Minister of Higher Education, Jacques Fame Ndongo and replaced with students from his constituency.

It should be noted that admissions to the Guardian of Peace Section, are required to attend the Medical Incorporation Visits, the Morality Investigation and the Physical Test according to the Examination Center of each candidate as of May 22, 2018.

See List of admitted candidates


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