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War Zone? Fierce fighting, rampant killings, kidnappings and multiple right abuses in restless Anglophone regions

The past few days have been monumental for the country. The Anglophone crisis is at it again as multiple battles between gun men and the country’s defense forces battle it out in key areas in South West and North West regions of the country as the crisis intensifies

There were serious and heavy clashes in Muyenge, Bafia, Wabane Bali, Nyasoso and more according to the Sun newspaper. Fatalities are reported to have occurred on both sites even as official figures remain shrouded in secrecy as the once peaceful crisis now enters an uncertain phase

The principal of St Bedes College is reportedly still udder custody after the Roman Catholic priest was kidnapped last week by separatists forces for keeping his college running against the traits and the kidnappers are demanding the school shut down

The famous organization called International Crisis Group which had earlier warned of an impending war should the government failed to take urgent actions and begin genuine dialogue is at it again, this time calling on the church to take lead role in ending the close to 2 years old crisis even though the church themselves once tried and failed as they were shunned by then trade union leaders.

But as the crisis spiraled out of control, the President of the republic dispatched the Musonge commission to tour the different regions of the country in an effort to dialogue with the people…but there is a problem.

Many see the creation of the commission as governments short-circuiting the solution to the Anglophone problem and have been quick to tag the commission which was created to bridge linguistic and cultural divide in the country a failed one, with experts and analysts counting their losses even before they took over office officially.

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Their visit to the restive South West region has come and gone and if anything, the crisis is worsening and the sounds of gunshots are only getting louder and louder, a clear pointer to the impotence of the said commission and a government strategy in dire need of urgent revolutionary reforms.

The Anglophone crisis which started in November 2016 by lawyers and teachers of the English extraction has moved to an armed conflict.

Separatists have hijacked the movement which span across the entire English speaking regions and are now calling for independence.

They launched an aggressive school boycott campaign a year ago which largely succeeded. But parents have refused to yield to their call to continue school boycott, students have largely return to school especially in urban areas and separatists have resort to armed clashes with security forces, kidnappings of government officials and are hit and run attacks in multiple villages across both regions.

The government has dispatched different delegations in the past to dialogue with the people. The people continue to call for the President of the republic to visit the restive regions in person and dialogue with the leaders and the people.

The movement has largely received support from the Anglophones especially those who live in rural areas who say they have been marginalized for long by the dominant francophone majority.

The government admits there are problems that need to be addressed and say they are doing so and will continue to do so but within the framework of a united Cameroon.

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Separatists’ leaders have been arrested and are awaiting trial while hundreds of others arrested during early days of protests are currently undergoing trails in Yaoundé with some already sentenced ad others freed.

Multiple international organizations including the UN and foreign governments have continuously call for dialogue and the need to respect the country’s territorial integrity

Secessionists say the only way out is outright independence and say they will fight until they have it.

Fighting have been intensifying in villages in the South West and North West regions between armed separatists forces and the country’s defense forces

Rights organizations have accused both sides of human rights violations in the past


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