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Presidential 2018: “Do not enslave yourselves for another 7 years” Osih takes his case to the people

The Douala based business magnet and candidate for the chief opposing party and indeed the only party with any meaningful chance out of there ruling CPDM to win forthcoming presidential election was presented in Mbouda to the noise of cheering militants by his party founder after receiving the blessings of the just ended NEC meeting in Bamenda.

The 49 years old leader whose report was welcomed and given a passed mark told the National executive committee of his party that he plans to tour all the divisions in the country immediately.

In his first contact tour with the people in the Mbouda, west region, Joshua Oish amongst other things makes his case, given an impassioned address to the people as he was introduced by his party chairman Ni John Fru Ndi before begging Cameroonians not to enslave themselves for another 7 years, an apparent reference to the Biya’s unenviable 36 years rule

“We cannot afford to give an extra year to a regime that has plunged us into massive sufferings for the past 35 years,” Joshua Osih told the party’s supporters.

In what was their first public outing since Joshua Osih was elected as the party’s flag bearer for the upcoming Presidential election, the SDF said they are going to present him to all the ten regions of the country as they seek support for their candidate.

Earlier in the day, Joshua Osih was presented to a large crowd that turned up in Mbouda by the chairman of the Social Democratic Front Ni John Fru Ndi who also used the opportunity to call on the population to massively register ahead of the polls.

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“I did not come here to open campaigns but to present your candidate (Joshua Osih) so that he can be close to the people,” Ni John Fru Ndi told the crowd that gathered in Mbouda on Monday May 1st 2018

His party has come under fire in the past amidst the boiling Anglophone crisis for not doing enough.

Critics frown at the SDF for legitimizing elections in the country which are taking place amidst troubling developments in English speaking regions of the country with tens of thousands displaced as external and internal refuges while many more have died

One of the greatest existential threats to the chief opposition party is the Anglophone crisis.

The crisis continues to worsen as thousands of Cameroonians and SDF supporters remain on exile, many have been killed and wounded as others have pickup arms to fight what they believe is a repressive government and their right to self determination

Osih is also coming to the limelight after surviving a smear campaign over an alleged “birther”controversy as questions over his nationality swelled in pro government media days after he was elected to lead the chief opposition party.

The candidate, his party and what is left of their dwindling supporters blast the controversy as “nonsense” for a man who just ended his parliamentary mandate to run for President of the public and called it a smear attempt by the ruling party to discredit him.

Osih is leading the country’s chief opposition party at a time when the party is suffering from multiple problems with the rising Anglophone problem, the volatile political landscape, tired supporters and the shrinking political space in the country and political observers are saying that despite his youthfulness and political experience, the SDF firebrand leader will likely suffer serious deafeat, worst that that of his political mentor, veteran politician and party founder Ni Joghn Fru Ndi.

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