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En-route to Wirba style legislation: Newcomer senator Emilia Nkeze weeps as the“people are bleeding” as the SDF firebrand promises fireworks at upper house

Former head of SDF senatorial list for the North West region and currently Vice President of the Senate, Madam Emilia Nkeze from Momo constituency has hinted that there would be plenty of fireworks at the senate despite their politically meaningless numbers.

Speaking today on CRTV poplar magazine program Cameroon calling, the former teacher amongst other things decry corruption in the country, wonder aloud why people are multitasking and keeping multiple salaries against the law and also detail her political journey within the ranks and file of her party.

From her humble beginnings, the former district chairperson of the SDF and Hygiene teacher was given the mountainous task to head the SDF list in the north west and win the seats in a region where statistically the ruling CPDM had more councilors and were consequently tipped favorite

Emilia Nkeze did what even her political mentor and founder of her party Ni John Fru Ndi failed to do 5 years ago when he headed a list, campaigned so hard and lost to the ruling party.

But the new elected senator was full of praise and encomiums for her political godfather and national chairman for her party. “I want to thank our party leader Ni John Fru Ndi for given me the confidence to lead the party list in the region” she said as she details her political routes

But amidst the get to know your senator introduction and wishes of thanks to her voters and praise for her home town Bamenda, Senator Emilia wasted no time to remind those who want to listen that SDF will not be bullied by the CPDM overwhelming majority in the house.

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“We have said it before and I will say it again” she said, we shall do our best to hold the government to account and when they cannot listen to us, we shall “take our case to the Cameroonian people”

The SDF senators have already started causing pain in the skin of some of their collogues as the recently forced 16 senators including Mukete to abandon other government joins they were holding to focus on the senator as stated by the law even though some of the senators kept similar rules last term.

Senator Emilia’s utterances sets in motion another 5 years of legislation which promised to bring plenty of fireworks in the upper house which many considered politically dormant with members noted for handclapping bills brought from lower house.

During their last mandate which saw the coming of the Anglophone problem, the senate and the lower house both failed to rise to the occasion as an independent body, opting to follow the government position and refusing to formerly have a debate in the house about the crisis which has led to many deaths.

It was during that period that SDF parliamentarian now on self-imposed exile Hon. Wirba Joseph of the Jakiri special constituency rose to fame, took the legislative body by storm in what many political observers say is an unprecedented level of parliamentary defiance in the country’s political history to bring the case to the house floor.

But with few exceptions of other notable SDF MPs ho tied to bring the case of the people to the house in many says was a  textbook example of legislative failure for the country.

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But as Hon Wirba decides to flee for  way he says is “safety” reasons, senator Emilia and co are saddled with the responsibility to enter the history books this legislative period as the crisis continues to widen with no end insight


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