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Security forces dribbled, fake audio of imminent amba attack creates panic as multiple gunshots troubled Buea denizens

It was a very long night in Buea, capital of South West region of Cameroon. As late as 11:30pm, Sunday May 6 2018, sporadic gunshots resonating from here and there, kept the Buea denizens awake and traumatized.

Denizens of the town of legendary hospitability hoped and prayed for dawn as multiple gunshots had rattled many parts of the town as many feared from the worst in an increasingly volatile region

It is reported that security forces had open fire in the air and at major junctions in Buea, forcing recalcitrant denizens top go home in a mid-night curfew which is now becoming a normal routine.

The gunshots that sounded as though they were shot at close range, caused pandemonium around the major roads, with chauffeurs, like pedestrians, ran helter-skelter to seek refuge.

Why the panick

An anonymous audio message had gone viral on social media, purporting an imminent attack on Buea. The messenger urged Buea denizens to take cover and runaway from any battle between the Ambazonian Defence Forces government

A source who talked to BaretaNews, said the audio is not genuine. According to him, when the Ambazonian army would want to attack, no announcement would be made According to

This is the first tie the population are witnessing such a heavy gunfire as other towns in the region gradually plunges in  what many now say is a civil war in the restive Anglophone regions of the country.

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