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Akere Muna says Cameroon is held “hostage by oligarchs”; the problem though is we already know and now what

Akere Muna says Cameroon is held “hostage by oligarchs”; the problem though is we already know and now what

Cameroon’s Presidential candidate and one of the country’s finest legal minds Barister Akere Muna says the country has been taken hostage by oligarchs

The presidential candidate for 2018 gave an interview to VOA Africa. During this interview, Raïssa Girondin in six minutes reviewed with International Lawyer several topical issues concerning Cameroon.

The son of Solomon Tandem Muna among other things denounces the bad governance that prevails in Cameroon lay down his proposal to help resolve the ongoing Anglophone crisis

He did not fail to deny the longevity of the power of the President of the Republic. According to him, at 85, the age of the Head of State, even if we have all the will of the world, we tend to delegate power and those to whom he has delegated power have taken the country hostage.

Interview reveals nothing we don’t know

The Muna interview indeed reveals nothing most Cameroonians don’t already know. It is part of the things he mentioned that the country remains one of the most corrupt in the world, plaqued by the Anglophone crisis and is suffering from economic headache alongside other CEMAC nations

The country remains much impoverished despite its abundant resources as few have taken the country hostage. With its broken health care system, poorly equipped educational infrastructure and embarrassing unemployment rates across the nation, very few citizens in the world will want to call the land of promise home.

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The country’s 36 years old government is constantly being recycled to compensate political friends, corruption has basically been enshrine in every fabric of the nation and the francophone Anglophone divide has not help the course of repairs.

Cameroon is a broken system with minister stealing and stocking public funds at free will while ordinary Cameroonians die without basic portable water or health care.

for a man many see as part of the problem considering the benefits his family has benefited from the government and continues to do so, candidate Muna has simply been ignored across the board as critics tagged him a political nuisance with no viable solution to the country’s enormous problems especially at a time when calls or secession are louder than ever in the country’s short modern history


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