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CPP’s Edith kah Wallah to boycott 2018 Presidential election she was going to lose anyways

One of Cameroon’s most influential female politicians who has never held an elected office and leader of  one of Cameroon’s over 200 political parties has said her party will not run in the yet to be announced Presidential elections which are due this year.

The founder of CPP and one of the most vocal critic of the ruling party also used the press conference organized on the 8th of May in Bamenda to debunk rumors that the crisis hit party has dissolved, calling them lies

The former SDF scribe who dished the opposition party years ago amidst massive controversies of embezzlement and financial misappropriation within the party, charges which she denied and continue to do so has been very outspoken, taking the government to task in finding answers to the ongoing Anglophone crisis and many other issues  national concerned.

She has voiced her support for opposition planned rallies I the past, visited affected families and been regular on TV and radios to make her voice heard all through the crisis

Edith Kah Walla has been attempting to organize support rallies for the movement in Douala and Bamenda with no success as the government has constantly bloc all attempts to do so even though such executive measures haven’t silent the iron lady.

Seen in the early days of her political carrier at CPP as the rising star of the country’s political landscape, Edith Kah Wallah enjoyed and continue to do so some considerable support among some youths in Littoral and Bamenda beyond which many see her as another potential failed Politian.

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When she decided to run for her first Presidential elections in 2011, she secured a crushing defeat in the hands of the ruling CPDM, with her party ailing to get even 1% of the total vote cast across the country.

Ever since, her critics say she has been more a political activist than a politician as her desire for equality and better treatment of her Anglophone brothers and sisters surge with time.

Coming on the heels of recent rumor abut the breaking down of the party as rival factions emerge in the relatively young party, madam Edith Kah Wallah who like most others if not all opposition leaders stand no real chance to win the upcoming presidential elections, has played her political cards very well.

With the new law which has raised the amount presidential candidates are expected to deposit at the state treasury before they are given their campaign funds, many “joking politicians” who wanted to use the Presidential race as a platform or political advertisement  has been sideline and Kah Wallah might has been caught up by that law.

Her party failed to take part in the recent senatorial elections and rightly so since they had no councilor in any region and had no chance of winning a seat.

They currently have no seat at the country’s lower and upper house parliament and currently hold no political office in the country.

Many have seen her decision as a welcome move to spare her party ytyer embarrassment in a race they have really nothing to give

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