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As Anglophone regions bleed, US ambassador slams “tiny Minority” Cameroonians abroad for hate speech and calls for violence back home

US top diplomat in the country Peter Henry Barlerin has lashed out at Diasporas for fueling the Anglophone crisis abroad with hate speech.

Speaking on the occasion of the handing over of two military planes handed by Washington to Yaoundé on May 14th 2018 in Yaoundé, the US ambassador took aim at Cameroonians abroad for fueling hate speech back home and destroying the peace in the country.
“We condemn hate speech and calls to violence such as that emanating from a very tiny minority of Cameroonian-born individuals living in the United States. The fact is, whether they agree with the government here or not, and many of them do not, the vast majority of the Cameroonian Diaspora living in the United States – Anglophone or Francophone – are peaceful. They are incredibly constructive and proud members of society.  And we value – I personally value – their contributions. “ the ambassador said according to CNA

The remarks by the US diplomat comes amidst escalating tensions between the country’s security forces and separatist  forces which continues to kill many while rendering others homeless in many areas of the Anglophone region.

Both sides now blame each other for the escalation of the conflict as the country gradually plunges to the abyss as no side is ready to back down.

The government has always insisted that it is fighting terrorist forces in the restive Anglophone regions who are seeking to divide the country and says it will not dialogue with those who want to divide the country despite continuous call at home and abroad for urgent and honest dialogue

Ambassador Peter’s remark however has been met by sharp and immediate rebuke from some of the proponents of the crisis aboard. They labeled the diplomats comments as “nonsense” and some even accused him of having been “bribed by the government”.

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Peter Henry Barlerin also reiterated that the US encourages freedom of speech and expression but cannot do so when it comes to preaching hatred.

He called for ceasefire between both parties and broad-based dialogue without pre-conditions.

The Anglophone crisis which started in 2016 when lawyers and teachers took to the streets to protests unequal treatment has gradually moved to an armed conflict

Many back home and some abroad have criticize some diasporas from calling on Cameroonians to take up arms against the government and carry out acts of civil disobedience which has led to many deaths back home while they strive in comfort and luxury abroad


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