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Going to equity with clean hands: Cameroon military launches probe of alleged rights abuse as fate amba sponsors hangs on FBI’s inquiry

As the crisis takes a shapeless form amidst the proliferation of multiple armed groups’ in the umbrella of ambazonian defense forces fighting the military in spiritual and physical combat, the government seem to be running short of military options on the battle field in its attempt to bring lasting peace through the barrel of the gun hence, utilizing its diplomatic arsenal to bring the perpetrators of these senseless war to justice

While both sides continue to blame each other for the escalation of the crisis and the government is  bent on eradicating what they called “terrorists” seeking to destabilize the country, the government seem to be winning the support of some key major world players in its fight against the secessionists

Government has always insisted that its army is fighting “terrorists” even though they seem to be the only one for now with that appellation, they have continue to  denounce any idea that its foot soldiers are committing human rights abuses in the restive Anglophone region and choses to pour encomiums on soldiers when every the need arises.

From the President of the republic to the minister delegate at the presidency in charge of defense to the army chief of staff, the reaction has been the same. The army is doing great and we encourage your efforts, sidelining the multiple calls from activists about abuses and alleged death of civilians in the hands of the army

As the national day gradually comes to fruition, there would be no surprises that the government will once again seizes the occasion to praise the handy work of the soldiers on the battle field and continue to boost their morale in their fight against the ambazonian forces who are increasingly becoming a bigger threat

In their attempt to drum up more support from the international community, authorities atop the country’s defense forces have for the very first time say it publicly that they will  investigate recent videos and images circulating online of soldiers supposed abusing an amba fighter.

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The gruesome video which shows the man on the floor in a pool of mud, was seriously beaten with a machete with a four footed wooden chair used to hold him on the floor before another soldier was seen climbing on his head with his shoes as the man gradually loses his crying voice in the video.

Activist quickly feasted on the video and without any time it was all over social media as they seek to buttress their point that the country’s soldiers have been violating the rights of many including the burning of houses of innocent civilians.

Coming just days after the US ambassador voiced support to the government and hold “tiny minority” abroad responsible for the escalating crisis, the government certainly wants the world to know that it’s within the ambit of international law amidst reports saying it is seeking the arrest and repatriation of major voices in the so called ambazonian movement who lives abroad especially in United States


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