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Ambazonian social media general risks imminent deportation as Government unleashes diplomatic punch

Information gathered from reliable sources, we learn that several leaders of the separatist movement of Ambazonia living in the United States would be actively sought by the FBI.

Among them, the former CRTV reporter Tapang Ivo Tanku.

Residing in the United States, the self-acclaimed “General Ivo” is probably one of the most extreme leaders of the movement on social networks.

Without any known military training and far from being a relative, or even a comrade in arms with Major General Ivo Desancio Yenwo, Director of Presidential Security, “General Ivo” is in fact a journalist by training, formerly of Cameroon Radio Television (Crtv).

The self-acclaimed general is no diubt a “general” on the social media battlefield. Tapang commands thousands of followers from his computer keyboard in US and has repeated calls for the people to rebel against the government back home

A self-proclaimed generalissimo of the “Republic of Ambazonia”, he is one of the most extreme elements of the Anglophone protest movement and seen by the government as a thorn in their flesh

On his Facebook page, the “general” sends “his troops” to break and burn schools and other public buildings, sponsors the kidnappings of local government installed authorities stationed in the North West and South West etc.

A Shrewd demagogue, this superior officer of another kind has repeatedly announced the provision of the latest generation of weapons to his troops to wage war against what he terms the the “invader from Yaoundé”

Two days ago, one of the multiple Facebook accounts of “General Ivo” was suspended. Reason: The Ambazonian General has issued the personal telephone number of the Minister of Communication Issa Tchiroma Bakary, with instructions to bother this member of government to the maximum.

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US Response

Handing over of military planes on 15th may 2008 in Yaoundé, the US ambassador Peter Henry Barlerin has slammed what he calls “tiny minority’ of Cameroonians spreading hate speech and violence back home, leaving many to believe the end of the US based activists is near

The ambassador remarks came under sharp rebuke from the same people whom he criticized as they accused the US diplomat of supporting the government in a war against its people

Meanwhile, the president of the republic has insisted that national unity is supreme while calling on all Cameroonians to work towards bringing an end  to the crisis


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