Amidst worsening Anglophone crisis, Visionary youth leader Nghateng rallies over 200 Youths across Cameroon for brainstorming

Organized by the CEO of Youths for the community NGHATENG ANNANG, a nonprofit organization task with helping the youths on the theme of “Transforming Innovative Visions into Actions for a Sustainable Cameroon,” the first session of the Cameroon Youth Assembly is a forum to open up new pathways for cooperation and social entrepreneurship, while harnessing the creativity and energy of youth delegates for a national and global impact.

In this spirit, the 2018 Cameroon Youth Assembly aimed at strengthening collaborative networks and fostering innovation to enable youth to engage in the global sustainability movement, as well as to consider critically how cross-cutting issues can be addressed through international cooperation.

With an emphasis on building intergenerational and cross-sectoral partnerships, the youth assembly brought delegates from over the ten regions together in conversation with representatives from the public sector, industry, faith-based organizations, philanthropy, academia, and civil society.

Workshops and training sessions with activists and civil society groups did also offer delegates the chance to develop their entrepreneurial skills and hone their talents in advocacy and organizing.

Convening over 200 young leaders from around Cameroon, the conference highlighted the importance of innovation, civic engagement, and collaborative partnerships to push forward local and global movements to achieve sustainable development and to create impact together for a better Cameroon.

Event organiser Donald Nghateng (let)
Event organiser Donald Nghateng (let)

On May 12, 2018, the 1sh session of the Cameroon Youth Assembly brought together nearly 200 young people from the 10 regions of Cameroon at the Mountain Hotel in Buea to tackle national, global and contemporary issues with youth engagement on sustainable development at the center of the discussions.

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Through workshops, deliberations, and a social venture competition, the Cameroon Youth Assembly delegates were equipped with practical skills, resources, and know-how to develop and implement fresh ideas that support the implementation of the SDGs leading to the sustainable development of Cameroon.

PROGRAM The program of the first edition of the Cameroon Youth Assembly was divided as follows. – Arrival and Registration The Cameroon Youth Assembly delegates all made it Mountain Hotel Buea on the May 12th at about 9.30am and were all registered and given the necessary -Welcome Address On behalf of the endorsers, partners and organizers of the Cameroon Youth Assembly, Donald Nghateng did welcome the delegates, guest speaker and media personalities and other invited stakeholders to the first ever edition of the Cameroon Youth Assembly.

In his welcome address he noted that the agenda of this year’s conference will focus on “Transforming Innovative Visions into Actions for a Sustainable Cameroon”.

Guided by the overarching principle of the 2035 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Emerging Cameroon, “leaving no one behind,” the conference was to explore cross-cutting issues and solutions for achieving sustainable development in the social, economic, and environmental dimensions.




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