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Scores of youths slaughtered, Fru Ndi blames rebels, and right activists raise red flag and ELECAM enters a crisis of its own: Get to Speed with week end news

It was a day which produced images which sends shock waves across the nation as many once again  look up to heaven amidst worsening Anglophone crisis. It has been describe as the Santa massacre and developments are still unfolding as the living try to bury their deaths.

Scores of youths were slain, Friday May 24, 2018 in Pinyin a village in Santa Sub-Division, North West Region of Cameroon.

Reports say the youths were killed in the course of fierce battle between Cameroon soldiers and the Separatist Ambazonian Fighters.

According to sources from the village, the Cameroon military besiege a building purported to be a hideout for the separatist fighters, and rained bullets on all living organisms in and around the building.

“We heard heavy shooting in the building around 9am. After 30 minutes, we saw the military truck passed back to Bamenda. When we ran to the building, we found more than 24 youths with some animals, dead,” Tengem Walters, villager in Pinying told TNN

“It is the military that shot them. We saw the military passed us on our way to the farm on high speed. We ran back home. Later on we heard heavy shooting. Look at people sleeping like fowls. Oh lord! Our land is cursed. The military truck came back to the village and shot in the air before leaving. They spoke in French. What a wicked world,” Annette Tem, a villager, questions while crying.

Meantime, Cameroonians have blamed the military for using excessive force on innocent civilians, leading to uncountable deaths. Presidential candidate and international lawyer Akere Muna also weighed in

“As much one can understand the fact the government is worried about the sovereignty of the state and interference in its internal affairs, it is untenable that it remains numb to the continuous loss of life. The recent killings in Menka, Pinyin and other areas of innocent unarmed civilians shows the total disregard for human life and growing human plight in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon. Soldiers continue to be forced into war against their own fellow citizens and hatred is fed every single day. How many more lives should be lost? How many?” he said in a statementInternationa human right lawyer and former political prisoner Barrister Felix Agbor Balla alos denounce the killings in what he calls “senseless war”

“Pinyin, Bali and Batibo our hearts are with you during this painful moment. Seeing images of more than 40 youths dead in 48 hours. We must stand up together as one and reverse this senseless war.”

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On his party the chairman of the chief opposition party in the country, the SDF has blame rebels for infiltration the ambazonain ranks and causing menace to the population and the country’s army

Ni John Fru Ndi was speaking after visiting the deaths in his native Santa sub division

ELECAM in a crisis too

The body charged with managing the elections of the country is also facing a crisis of its own. News broke last weekend about the firing of the general manager of the elections managing body.

With a very charge election calendar as the population will be called to go to the polls more than three times this year with presidential, parliamentary and council elections all in view, the least any would want to imagine is a house in crisis.

Sources say sacked general Babale Abdoulaye had “pest-ridden” the organization with incompetent family relatives managing mostly key operations, slowing down the work of the body and sending huge chunk of money to his family account as a results.

There are even unverified reports saying data from most persons who recently registered t the elections body have been lost, reasons why their voters card are yet to be printed

The former chief of operations at Elections Cameroon who was appointed by the President of the republic was fired by the board and replaced by Haman Hadorou.


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