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Tchiroma praises professional army for “well targeted and purposeful shots” which neutralizes dozens in Santa as Yaoundé gives its version of the “truth”

The country’s minister of communications and government spokesman Mr.  Issa Tchiroma has issued a statement with respect to the clashes between the country’s defense forces and secessionist fighters in Pinyin, Santa.

Flanged by the military spokesman, Colonel Didier Badjeck, the government mouthpiece on Monday 28th May in Yaoundé, began by thanking the press corps for accepting his invitation  before reminding them that the meeting was to take stock of developments in the Anglophone regions especially developments in Santa

Minister Tchiroma started by detailing recent accounts in the restive North West regions which have been perpetrated by terrorist forces.

He painted a dark and gloomy picture of multiple atrocities committed by armed groups in the region.

“It should be noted that the particular actions of these hordes of criminals led to the assassination at Bawok, of Senior Warrant Officer ALIME Jean, Commander of the Bali Research Brigade, and one of his elements; the assassination of pupil gendarme DJEMENA Anatole Fabrice, in the course of the Batibo, Widikum and Amba attacks, to prevent the 20th May celebration in this area” he stated in part as he details multiple ordeals.

In the statement, Tchiroma details the routes used by what he termed “terrorist forces” to settle in the area and the harm they have been causing to the population.

“Taking advantage of the suspension of the Gendarmerie Brigade of Ashong near Batibo, the assailants used new corridors to bypass the security devices of our Defence and Security Forces to set up full-fledged cantonments”, he said in part he continued with the recounts

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Communication boss said investigations carried out by competent government authorities had hinted of armed groups planning attack against the population during the just celebrated national day.

He then read names after names of persons who have been killed, kidnapped and raped by the armed groups in their quest to intimidate the people and says they had promised the population heaven on earth

While some of the account of the ministers’ statement begs more question, he none the less continued in his usual flamboyance and near arrogance, reminding the world and press men that the country is fighting a terrorist network and the government is the victim in a crisis many have laid the blame at the foot of the state.

The minister once again praise the country’s defense forces for their professionalism and bravery in keeping the population safe while regretting the fact that incident like these “unfortunately, sometimes gave room for some regrettable allegations of carnage purportedly perpetrated by the Cameroonian Army on civilians”.

“Therefore, we should once again commend the sense of duty, commitment, courage, self-denial, professionalism and patriotism showcased by our Defense and Security Forces in the fight they are leading, on behalf of the Cameroonian people, against criminal hordes who are taking advantage of secessionist claims to install a climate of terror among the people and pave the way for a lasting destabilization of our Nation” his statement reads in part

Friday May 25 was a day which produced images which sends shock waves across the nation as many once again  look up to heaven amidst worsening Anglophone crisis. It has been describe as the Santa massacre and developments are still unfolding as the living try to bury their deaths.

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Scores of youths were slain, Friday May 24, 2018 in Pinyin a village in Santa Sub-Division, North West Region of Cameroon.

Reports say the youths were killed in the course of fierce battle between Cameroon soldiers and the Separatist Ambazonian Fighters.

Many have blamed the security forces for heavy handedness and killing of civilian population the raid the government says was aimed at eliminating terrorist network in the areas.

There have been strong condemnations from human rights advocates and top politicians ever since the images made rounds on social media



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