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Facts that don’t lie: How Mayor Ekema avoided Pinyin -style scenario in Buea with his hardline policy

The Lord Mayor of Buea municipality Ekema Patrick Esunge is no friend to many around the English speaking regions of the country.

It is fair to say that the man fondly called the political Maradona is one of the most talked about and famous mayors in the country thanks to his aggressive and no-nonsense approach from the very first day about the Anglophone crisis and its secessionist tendencies.

The man who was voted into office on the campaign promise that “change has finally come to Buea” refused to embrace the kind of aggressive change which diaspora sponsored movement was bringing which to him he says seeks to divide the country as it is now clearly known and he had labeled distortion of historical facts

“I am very passionate about this because it concerns me and my field of study, if it did not concern my field of study may be I wouldn’t have been this passionate about it” Mayor Ekema told Tebopost as he decry secessionist calls to return to pre-independence form.

The Mayor pick-up a lot of enemies along his way, felt out of favor with political tycoons in the region whom   many would have thought they will embrace his ideologies to keep the country whole as preached by their natural leader President Biya whom all of them so passionately adore

The population and elites felt out favor with the man many had dubbed the man of the people and the flamboyant mayor came under constant and brutal social media attack from all angles

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His house was attacked during the famous October 1st strike actions and one of the protesters was allegedly shot by the mayor, even though he denied the allegations, saying he was not at home when the incident happened and before he could rush home the guy had already been shot and killed by security forces after his family and property came under direct threat from the attackers who went out of their way to attack his property.

What followed after that was a well-coordinated attack against the “stubborn son” of the land and scandals after scandals rocked the Mayor as he felt out of grace from his political base but seem to have found new friends out of the region with different delegations from Douala, Yaoundé and even those within the MvoMeka cland speeding to Buea to see the newest sensation in town.

But as Mayor Ekema was battling for his own political survival and that of his credibility, the secessionist where making quick gains in all fronts especially with their propaganda warfare, inflicting heavy casualties on security forces and many soldiers were killed daily as the amba boys used black magic to avoid bullets in a battle which quickly swing to spiritual warfare.

For a man who sits atop the municipality where the secessionist called their capital, the stakes where certainly higher for the lord mayor than any other on the country

Buea is a historic town with its history rooted as far back as colonial days of the country and the battle for Buea is what they dubbed the ultimate one

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Ekema knew the stakes in his town were higher than anywhere else in the country and the landlord of the Buea municipality was determined to keep his town safe and free from any secessionist tendencies which have been rocking havoc in other villages and threatening other major towns like Bamenda and Kumba.

Research shows that the ambazonian forces have striven in villages largely because they have been able to effectively collaborate with the people and won their trust, helping them evade security forces and plan their attacks against the army.

The movement which has a strong arsenal of social media warriors has flooded the internet with all kinds of information and even when the government seizes internet in the restive regions, they still struggle to find a way to send out their messages and control the population on the ground.

Buea mayor did not sympathize with them and so did he fight for his people not to be victims of the social media brainwash.

He went out for media rounds on popular television networks to denounce secessionists, engage the youths in the municipality with more constructive and income generating activities to keep them busy and  gave an alternative version for the educated, information friendly and school loving people of Buea to choose.

He fought tirelessly to end the painful ghost towns which were crumbling the municipality by clamping down on shops which follows the rules and in no time ended the punitive measure by the movement before they quickly switch tactics.

He fought for the town to return to normalcy and thanks to him the educational town is now flourishing with schools and students once again after experiencing one ghost academic year

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As many now mourns the many dozens who felt in Santa municipality and other neighboring villages as they engaged the army in an incident whose veracity is still a source of debate, many can now look beyond and be grateful to the man who put his life on the line to avoid his denizens from being polluted and dragged to a senseless way which is now claiming many lives all over the Anglophone regions.





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