Luxury Meets Security: 8 things you need to know About President Biya’s KLASSEN Armoured Range Rover

When the president of the Republic, his excellency Paul Biya came to the ceremonial ground of in Yaoundé to celebrate the country’s 46th national day, only one thing caught the attention of Cameroonians- his brand new , first time to be seen Range Rover Limousine.

Designed and manufactured from start to finish within special vehicle operations, many were quick to place a hefty price tag on the luxurious car for a President who presides over a country in troubling poverty levels and increasing violence in the north and Anglophone regions of the country.

But coming amidst escalating secessionist battle in part of the country and barely a year after the President was mocked on social media for using an old worn-out Mercedes Benz Limousine which required the services of extra hands to leave the parking space, there conspiracies theories about the new car has been huge

But here are some of the things you never know about the Presidential Limousine

1 The Range Rover which is a British made luxurious vehicle is a epitome of luxury and comfort with security. The vehicle was built and assembled at the car makers special vehicle operations with state of the art fully flexible site.

Many says it stands out for range rover autobiography and not its armored nature

2 It offers 360 degree 6 part armored safely cell without compromising internal luxery

3 It can withstand 7.62mm armored piercing high velocity incendiary rounds, 15KG of TNT Side blast and can also withstand 2xDM51 hand grenades from the under floor and the roof

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4 It has bullet proof armored resistant privacy glass

5 It is built to evade or avoid any threat or attack that might be present on the road

6 It has the highest level performance breaks for range rovers

7 The exclusive interior is equipped with luxury partition walls and state-of-the-art technology like an iMac multimedia center with PC/Wi-Fi/CD/DVD,a Bang & Olufsen Sound system and also ambient LED lighting. All relevant functions can be controlled via an iPhone.

The limousines are armored to the highest levels of ballistic protection in level 7 (formerly B6) and level 9 (formerly B7). All KLASSEN limousines are available with stretched rear doors, raised roofs and options like armored glass-panoramic-roofs.

It also has a stretched and raised roof

The vehicle can be summed in three words, luxurious, secured and fortress


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