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Tom Lantos commission suspends rights violations in Anglophone Cameroon briefing to US congress

US house human rights commission has suspended the briefing of the humanitarian situation in Anglophone Cameroon

The reports which was to be presented by the Tom Lantos human rights commission to US congress had guests human rights experts from the continent invited to brief the US lawmakers on the recent happenings back home in Cameroon

News about the suspension of the briefing was made on their website today 7th June 2018 and no reason was given for the suspension

In a statement on the commission website, the article says “this briefing has been suspended” before adding a brief historical summary of Cameroon’s political and human right history.

“Cameroon has been governed by President Paul Biya and his Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement since 1982. Though Biya has cultivated a reputation for stable, albeit semi-authoritarian rule, tensions in the English-speaking provinces and the ongoing fight against Boko Haram in the far north have led to deterioration in the country’s human rights situation.

Biya is up for reelection to another seven-year term in 2018, having removed presidential term limits in 2008.” The wrote in an introductory statement as they fail to give reasons whyb the briefing was suspended.

Cameroon has come under fire from human rights groups at home and abroad for multiple rights violations against innocent civilians as the country wages war on both fronts, fighting terrorists sect Boko haram in the North region of the country and secessionist groups in the South West and North West regions of the country.

The conflict in the restive Anglophone regions has lasted for close to two years leaving hundreds death and tens of thousands displaced at home and in neighbouring Nigeria as refugees

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International organisations and governments have continuously call for urgent dialogue to resolve the crisis and the US diplomat in the country, ambassador Peter henry Barlerin invoke the anger of authorities in Yaoundé when he says President Biya should start thinking of his legacy like nelson Mandela.

The united states continue to play a friendly rol with the government of Cameroon in its fight against terrorist group in the north.

In May 2018, the US government donated two new military aircraft to the government in its fights to combat Boko Haram and warned the government uses the planes only for that purpose as concerns were sky high over the potential use of the planes in Anglophone regions to fight secessionists.

The bi-partisan Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission was established with the unanimous consent of the United States House of Representatives in 2008. Membership in the Commission is free and open to all members of the House of Representatives.

The Commission is charged with promoting, defending and advocating for international human rights as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other relevant human rights instruments.



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