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“A turn for the worse”: amnesty international demonizes Yaoundé in a shocking new report-See report

Amnesty International have released a shocking and damning report about Cameroon government in its fights against secessionists in Anglophone Cameroon

The 37 pages detailed and comprehensive report they say was based on interviews with more than 150 victims and eyewitnesses.

The internally acclaimed rights group says “documents the human rights violations, including unlawful killings, destruction of private property, arbitrary arrests and torture committed by the Cameroonian security forces during military operations conducted in the Anglophone regions. It also documents how armed separatist groups calling for secession and embracing an armed struggle, carried out violent attacks against the Cameroonian security forces, state emblems, including schools, and ordinary people”

With gruesome images of torture, arrests and satellite images showing entire villages burnt down by the country’s security forces embedded in the PDF report, the rights group accused the government of amongst other things; extra judicial killings, heavy handedness by security forces, beatings and arbitrary arrests, deaths in custody and many more.

While putting the blame squarely on the foot of the government, the group also lashes out at Yaoundé for creating an enabling environment for violent movement through its hardline policy and refusal to dialogue

“Far from resolving the crisis, the clampdown on dissent and the heavy-handed response by the Cameroonian authorities appear to have empowered radical and violent movements, as well as created a climate of fear. The Government of Cameroon has the right and duty to protect its citizens from the violence committed by armed separatists, yet it must also respect the human rights of its population in doing so” the report says in part.

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The government has denied most of the allegations mentioned in this report in the past ad is yet to officially respond to the reports which has shame and blames the government in a war the government is struggling to put itself as the victim

See Details report in PDF


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