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100 million PR blunder: Alleged “kidnapped” Ekema speaks to Tebpoost about the fake news

Cameroonians woke up this morning to welcome yet massive propaganda news from the ambazonian camp. Mayor Ekema had been kidnapped was the leading news headline trending social media in the country

Information had flooded social media that the controversial Buea Mayor, Ekema Patrick Esunge has been kidnapped by the ambazonian forces

The mayor who has always been at odds with the secessionist groups and has been declared by the movement “enemy of the land” for his hardline policies towards them has defiantly stood for what he believes are his personal values despite mounting attacks and increasing threats in an increasingly hostile political space with doubtful security guarantees

Sitting at the top of the historic town of Buea which happens to be at the center of the struggle, the landlord of the Buea municipality has fallen out of favor with the movement and even ironically with elites of  the region

Many pro-secessionist activists had taken to social media to blow the news and within hours the news went wild on social media

Ekema Patrick Esunge has been kidnapped” the news spreads as a man appearing to be in military uniform claims the lord mayor will be interrogated and trialed according to the “laws of the land” in a video which went viral on Facebook and whatsapp

Talking to TeboPost, the firebrand mayor and arguably one of the most famous Anglophone politicians  debunk the news as “feeble” attempts by secessionists before appearing on a video minutes later in his Molyko residence.

The latest PR blunder from the secessionists has cause a huge blow to their credibility as government struggles to demonize the group which has been gaining international spotlight lately and favorable ratings at home

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The fake news about the supposed arrest of mayor Ekerma once again demonstrate the  value and price tag the group places on the mayor and their desire to have him under their custody.

The group has been involved in in high profile kidnapping of government officials in the past in the two regions and known for taking heavy ransom for the release of some of the victims

They had in the ‘past declared their intention to have the mayor kidnapped for his unfavorable policies and hardline rhetoric towards them and the mayor has reportedly stepped up his security amidst  the traits

The news comes weeks after another fake news broke out on social media that Lake Awing has been poison by the government to kill innocent population and sends thousands across the regions to consume heavy quantity of palm oil to supposedly neutralize the effect

Ever since the start of the crisis close to two years ago, the government and secessionist have battled to control information to their favor with the secessionist clearly winning the information warfare especially amongst the Anglophone minorities and that had forced the government to seize internet in the regions twice over the course of the crisis



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