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Civil servants grumble as government slam 50 000 CFA frs compulsory levy to meet Biya’s goal

When the news broke out that the head of state had instructed the prime minister in collaboration with 18 ministries to  raised funds and coordinate activities geared towards helping the displaced and those affected by the close to two years Anglophone crisis, many took the news  with mixed feelings.

But as details gradually emerge about how the underfunded government was going to raise the fund, certain state functionaries starting jittering as many struggles to come to terms with the fact that their salaries will be affected

“How much are my endings that they want to cut 50 000francs CFA”? One civil servant asks me as he wonders why the state decides to slash his already insufficient paycheck.

Reports says every civil servant will pay at least 50 000 CFA francs depending on their position within the government as some are expected to pay higher as their contributions to help the government raise the promised 12.7 billion cfa Francs to help victims of the conflict as government struggles to beg for money to meet its objectives of helping people displaced by a war of its own making fueled by exaggerated negligence

CPDM elites rollout the dice yesterday June 21st  in Yaoundé as close to 226 million francs CFA was raised from a hasty organized fund raising which organizers says falls within the plan to help government raise the billions it needs to show solidarity to the people even though the fighting still continues

Many have accused the government of failing to solve the root cause of the problem but rather choses to provide short term and cosmetic solutions to a crisis which is worsening as international community increasingly weighs in.

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Critics have lashed out at the plan as another opportunity for CFA francs thirsty ministers to enrich their private bank accounts as many fear the money will not trickle down to the affected masses.

Some however have applauds the move, saying it’s the first positive step in the right direction but urge the government to do more to address the underlying problem of the conflict.

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