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Frightening gunshots keeps Buea denizens awake all night again as population remain on edge

Sounds of gun shots keep denizens in the town of legendary hospitality- Buea awake all night.

There were massive shootings on the night breaking Saturday 22nd June 2018 in the popular student dominated Molyko neighborhood.

It is not yet clear who was involved in the shooting but different sounds of guns were heard in different neighborhoods which lasted for close one hour

Ambazonian fighters have made no secret of their intention to capture what they believe is their capital of their would be state even though the historic town of Buea has been spared from the heinous attacks and fighting raging in other towns and villages in the affected North West and South West regions

This is not the first time gunshots sound is disturbing Buea denizens as the population of the town remain on edge with the fighting coming ever closer than expected as neighboring  Ekona, Muea and mile 16 have all seen their first share of the conflict.

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