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Buea on Edge: Ekema fuels and his municipality catches fire as Amba forces rubbishes his security guarantees

Reports from the town of Buea says the ambazonian forces have taken the battle into the town of legendary hospitality to confront security forces and enforce denizens to respect and implement what is now a renew weekly  ghost town.

News reaching today Monday 9th July 2018 says serious gun battles between security forces and ambazonain forces in and around Buea as the population  looks confused and remains on edge

There have been reports of shootings in the popular Mile 17 Motor park entering mainland Buea, in Muea , Mile 16 and even in mainland as Checkpoint neighborhood have also been brought to the fold

The heightened tension comes just days after the mayor of the town granted a press conference where he called on  all stakeholders to resume life normally on Mondays which have been declared by secessionist groups “ghost town day” and insisted they government have taken adequate measures to guarantee their security.

Mayor Ekema in what his critics had earlier termed a shameful display of political theater to please authorities in Yaoundé had warned owners of council shops and taxis to resume work on Monday or lose their grip on council properties, stressing that the council will take its responsibility, whatever that meant.

Many now say the mayor is responsible for today’s trend of events as secessionist consider his remarks disrespectful and provocative and vowed a brutal and fearless enforcement of ghost town on this day

There are unconfirmed reports of one death already at Mile motor park even though tebopsot cannot independently verify and confirm the report, and he is thought to be a civilian caught in the cross fire at Mile 17 motor park while serous fighting still continues around other parts of the town as the security guarantees promised by the landlord of Buea has come  crumbling like pile of cards before his own eyes

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