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Killing of Lysoka chief sparks outrage, Ekema Immortalizes his authority, Osih battles with nationality crisis as all prisoners freed in Ndop prion attack – 5 things to start your week

While you were away, Tebopost puts together the most compelling news making events during the week end to get you to speed with latest developments around the country

Killing of Buea chief sparks outrage online

The death of his Royal Highness Chief Mbanda of Lysoka, village, Buea Sub division, Fako division, south West region in the hands of secessionist sparks outrage across the entire Anglophone regions and in the other parts of the country

The traditional ruler who happened to be one of the 7 chiefs kidnaped by separatist forces from Fako division South West region of Cameroon died in mysterious circumstances but his captors says he died after he felt sick.

Announcing his death through a viral video, the chief who lied on a wooden stretcher with his hands tied with ropes while two other captives chief Njombe of Wokaka and his colleague said he died after brief sickness to the embracement of many

Many have taken to social media to denounce the shameful treatment of custodians of their tradition and call for the release of the remaining chiefs while separatists’ forces have vowed they will be kept under custody while they carry on more arrests in the days ahead.

Mayor Ekema chairs an indigenous conference of his own and talks tough

The firebrand Buea mayor who is no stranger to negative publicity is at it again. The political Maradona after dominating news headlines the entire last week for sealing over 800 shops, banks, and companies in his municipality for respecting ghost town on July 23rd 2018, did summoned indigenous Bakwerians to his council hall on Sunday July 29th 2018  without disclosing the agenda-now we know atleast

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Even though the attendance was not impressive as other elites of the region whom the mayor says are “refugees in Yaoundé and Douala” boycotted the event, the defiant mayor was still in full command.

He called on the youths to march on Tuesday July  31st to denounce the killing of one of their traditional rulers and the release of the remaining captives.

He also vowed to prevent the planned All Anglophone conference called by revered Roman Catholic Cardinal Tumi and other clergy in his town, saying that it will not hold even if the President of the republic approved it in a daring move that has rattled political observers

Osih’s nationality crisis is not going away

The ugly shadow surrounding who Joshua Osih is still remains a problem for the flag bearer of the chief opposition party in the country even though he and his party are struggling with little success to make it a no event and be seen by their supporters and sympathizers as political witch-hunt

The SDF Presidential aspirant was on the offensive again this week end, rebuking claims that he is not a Cameroonian as his opponent’s points to his Switzerland roots where his mother hails from

For a man who just ended his term of office as a parliamentarian to challenge the highest office of the land, many know these allegations are political distractions from his opponents but the impact is real nevertheless.

In a tweet on July 25th 2018, Joshua Osih reaffirms his Cameroonian identity while his party also rubbished the issue on the just ended NEC meeting communiqué issued on Sunday July 29th 2018

More than 100 prisoners freed in a week end attack on Ndop prison

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Reports from the North west regions during the week end says unknown gun men attacked Ndop central prison, in North west region and freed all 150 prisoners after the building was burnt by the attackers.

Details about the attack are still sketchy and Yaoundé authorities are yet to issue any official statement

But the attack is an embarrassment to authorities of the region and poses a serious security concerns to denizens of the area

Dr Munzi says he life s under threat

Former Assistant secretary General to the United Nations and coordinator of the planned All Anglophone conference scheduled for 29 and 30th in Buea, Cameroonian Born Dr. Simon Munzi says his life is under threat.

According to reports by the Sun newspaper, Dr Munzi says he is receiving death threats from anonymous persons who don’t want the planned conference organized by clergy from the restive regions led by Christian cardinal Tumi to hold.

Christian cardinal Tumi and four other clergy had joined forces an issue an unprecedented announcement calling for an All Anglophone conference in Buea.

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