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Sexual scandals, trading of marks….. Is the scandal rocking department of JMC UB’s worst hidden secret?

Recent reports of happenings in the university of Buea’s department of journalism and mass communication has rattled human rights campaigners, educationists, politicians and woman activists and concerned Cameroonians  across the triangle.

Everybody should be concerned-at least those who still do have consciences as hurting reports of some university of Buea lecturers systematic harassment of  young girls age 16 and above, forcing them into unwanted sexual practices and taking money from them in exchange of marks has brought to bare the darker side of the university fondly called the place to be

For a university which prides its self as one of the two government owned English culture University in the country and a proud place of reference to some of the finish professionals in the country today, the scandals rocking senior lecturers in the journalism department has weakened many alumni like myself and Cameroonians of good will.

Students and former students from the department some of whom tebopost have contacted paint a very dark and oblique picture, detailing unacceptable tales of academic forgery, sexual harassment and shameful neglect on the part of authorities which should not be happening in a citadel of learning.

UB has built a bureaucratic culture my multiple administrative bottle necks, dissolve the once famous and fearless student government body which protected the rights of its close to 20 000 students and by so doing stifled the voice of harassed students by some shameful lecturers.

It’s no secret that some lecturers in the department, reputed for xenophobic statements have gone to a dangerous low, dragging innocent and naïve university students to forceful sexual practices to satisfy their insatiable sexual desires at an alarming rate, but what a secret is that the administration has been doing nothing for years now, subjecting young girls to endless and unacceptable trauma even after they finally leave school.

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The news comes into the spotlight close to a year after security forces were chastised and shamed for having assaulted and harassed students in the university.

Run away SDF Hon.Joseph Wirba, told lawmakers in the country’s lower house that girls were maimed and raped including his nice by some security forces at student hostels in Buea in the November protests at the university campus which quickly went violent, even though the government had denied such allegations and never opened an inquiry to ascertain the accuracy of the information

Stories from The Place To be has raise concern about the safety of our girls and women whether in school or at work places as many too have come out to joined the now trending global #MeToo movement  currently sweeping across the globe.

UB authorities are yet top officially respond to some of disturbing news and multiple allegations rocking the famous institution as administrators continue to remain silent in the phase of what is a looming crisis which risk crippling the institution if not well handled.

We have contacted the university through their official email address and are still waiting for the feedback.

This story is developing…





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