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“Na Dem Dey Rush Us”: See meaning and origin of Latest buzz taking social media by storm

Social media is buzzing with a new hashtag that seemed to have come out of the blues. If you haven’t heard of Na Dem Dey Rush US it is most likely you are badly out of step with happenings in Naija.

Fine boys like us, we, we no dey too look for women like that, na dem dey rush us, na dem dey rush us, Fine boys and girls

Twitterzens, especially those from Naija, are going gaga with Na Dem Dey Rush US. We hear some adventurous peeps are already using the hashtag as a tagline on their profiles.

So what does Na Dem Dey Rush US mean and where did the craze start from.

Let’s start with the origin of the phrase. A few days ago, a Twitter user (where else) from Nigeria posted a video clip from an old Nollywood movie. Obviously, she liked the whole clip of one actor throwing shade on a lady for being unmarried at her age.

The lady in question had the audacity the question his fine boy creds. He haughtily told her his problem was keeping cute girls away from him. That was the point he uttered the now famous phrase, ‘Na dem dey rush us.’

You can watch the video Clip HERE

I guess you now get an idea what ‘Na dem dey rush us‘ means and how Naija Twittersphere adopted #NaDemDeyRushUS as the latest trending hashtag.

Well, you know Naija no dey carry last. Creativity and making fun of situations no matter how dire is something we are experts at. This is no hype. Nigerians are known as the happiest people on earth because we are able to see the fun side of every situation.

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Some people say it is our unique coping mechanism for the harsh economic situation in the country. Whatever!

So how are people on Twitter using ##NaDemDeyRushUS and what qualifies a particular situation to be tagged in that manner?

Actually, any scenario works. All it needs is creativity and a bit of tweaking to spin it perfectly.

For instance, an up and coming artist can remind haters that he or she doesn’t seek out brands for money, #NaDemDeyRushUS. It would work if the artist can post pictures of the brands he/she endorses their products.

Are you a Man City fan, #NaDemDeyRushUS can send a clear message to other clubs that your club is the rave of the moment and people are rushing to identify with the club as fans.

The video clip that started it all can be tweaked easily so a wannabe slay queen would be shown telling a bad belle dude that #NaDemDeyRushUS. In other words, she is finding it difficult to manage the attention she gets from toasters.

One of the drop-dead most hilarious uses of the hashtag was from a Twitter user who posted all his monthly bills. There were nine of them that needed attention. He captioned the bills #NaDemDeyRushUS along with the pix of a knocked down boxer who looked like his mum just died.

See, all it needs is your innate creativity to come up with your own unique #NaDemDeyRushUS meme.

Watch Video Of Na Dem Dey Rush Us HERE


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