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Underdress Mr Leo wow fans with his stunning suite, the problem though, it was in a clothing shop

One of Cameroon’s most cherished artist Mr. Leo has been heavily criticized from his dressing code by fans

Fans and critics have reprimanded the “on va gerer” crooner for his poor taste of dressing with many including myself calling for the stylists of the super star to be shown the door.

The Alpha beta records musician has been widely loved for his wonderful music, leaving many to labeled him the lover boy of the 237 industry even as his dressing style conspicuously fails to inspire and impress

But in a Facebook post shared on September 12th 2018 which quickly went viral, the “partout” singer shocked his fans and critics as he appeared in suite for the very first time since he rose to the pinnacle of fame at least in public.

While the picture attracted massive talking points online, many pointed to the fact that the picture was taken in a clothing shop and adds that there was a strong possibility he left without necessarily going with the dress.

However, many have been consoled that their darling super star and models is seriously considering the shape of his wardrobe

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