The Liberian President George Weah on his First Economic Test.

The Liberian government has sought U.S. of America’s Intelligence support to track down swindlers of a missing 100 million dollars cash. Upon the approval and request of the Central bank of Liberia Fresh shipments of Printed Liberian dollars ordered from abroad is nowhere to be found as no one is able tell bits whereabout not even the governor of the central bank. The last consignment which came in just last August is nowhere to be found.

This information is made public by the Liberian minister of information, Eugene Nagbe. Meanwhile the information concerning the assistance of America to help track down the Swindlers is made public by the Liberian minister of Justice Frank Musa Dean.

The minister of Justice equally added that the missing cash accounts for 5% of Liberia’s GDP. The Liberian government seems to trust U.S intelligence considering their long and successful history in similar transaction. The U. S embassy spokesperson told Reuters via email” We are reviewing request for Assistance”
All Cabinet ministers and Government workers concern with finance have different version as to the whereabout of the money.

The missing money has caused social media outrage with lots of hashtag #BringBackourMoney. The president has however banned 15 persons from leaving the country until the investigation is concluded. Amongst this persons include ex-Central bank Governor Milton weeks and Charles Sirleaf son of former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

This is happened just 9 months after the International Football superstar and 1995 Footballer of the year took office after campaigning for Economic Reforms. The Finance Minister Samuel Tweah, has however contradicted the information minister by saying not all the money is missing( since the information minister stated that all the 100 million U.S dollars is missing.). The president is however in his first UNGA debut in New York.

He is expected to retract the missing in order to win the confidence of his people. George Weah was turned down 2005 on the grounds of poor educational background which pushed him into the four wall of a class room until 2014 when completed and then won the seat of the presidency in 2017.

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My worry is, Is there no credible Intelligence Agency in Africa that can investigate and track down the thieves? Must we always go back to Europe or America for such services?. I am barely Soliloquising.

Liberia is one of the poorest country in West Africa.

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