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Ineligible Samuel Eto’o will break the law and vote Paul Biya despite dual nationality

Cameroon’s football legend Samuel Eto’o Fils says he will be voting for the seating head of state Paul Biya in this year’s October 7th polls even though the law forbids him from doing so.

Samuel Eto’o was speaking as he led a wary looking CAF President and delegation  to assure the Etoudi landlord about the certainty of Cameroon hosting the 2019 AFCON despite rumors that the tournament could be taken away from the Central African nation due to security concerns and lack of adequate infrastructure.

Speaking at the presidency, one of the all time Cameroon and African finest footballers Samuel Eto’o says “for all he has done for me and my Career, I will vote for Paul Biya”, throwing the CAF delegation under the boss as the football great politicize the organization in an unprecedented scene in Yaoundé.

The problem though is that despite being one of the most famous Cameroonian known around the world, Samuel Eto’o is also a Spanish national as he holds the European nation’s passport

Cameroon law does not give room for dual nationality and states any Cameroonian who picks up a different nationality automatically loses his Cameroonian nationality, effectively making the super star ineligible to vote in the country’s elections

Two face laws

The controversial dual nationality law has been heavily criticized though by the country’s opposition parties especially the SDF who are calling for the law to be scraped

The government has used the law to punch political opponents in the past  and while ignoring government officials who have other nationality.

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