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Fire and fury in court: Reality stair Biya’s constitutional council as they look for escape routes



For two days now running, the country has been gripped by political fever like never before as over 22 million Cameroonians beam their TV sets, at home while thousands of diaspora joins in the frenzy as they give CRTV’s user drought website a reason to exists at least for the past two days as over 13 thousands persons follow historic legal battle at the country’s baby constitutional council at the same time.

MRC candidate Maurice kamto had rallied together some of the finest legal brains in the continent and indeed the world at the makeshift constitutional in Yaoundé as the court’s President like all other judges, Biya Appointed Clement Atanga replicates the strength and elasticity accustomed with the retired chief justice Alexis Depanda Muelle of the Supreme curt who became famous for playing similar roles in the past

They had gathered on Tuesday October 16 2018 to listen to deliberations after opposition parties had had petition the ruling CPDM and government for partial and total cancellation of the October 7 polls.

It is the last stage before the declaration of the highly anticipated results of the just ended October 7th polls

To be fair, every election held in this country since the birth of multiparty politics in the 90s have been heavily contested especially by the country’s chief opposition party or should I say former chief opposition part the SDF

Fru Ndi and his loyalist haven’t failed to flex their legal muscles each time they go running in elections many thought they won’t considering the flawed process which many political observers say favours the regime in power

But events of the past two days have been one of its kinds.

Barely 24 hours after polling closed, arguably Cameroon’s finest legal mind and internationally acclaimed law professor who has just taken the political scene by storm declared himself winner of the race after results were already making waves on social media and seem to favor the former minister in the Biya’s government

Kamto had just did what nobody has done in the country before apart from Fru Ndi, but there was more, he vowed to defend and protect his victory , setting into motion a political pendulum with immeasurable radius

No opposition candidate has ever won an election in the country’s modern history and even though Ni John Fru Ndi contested bitterly in 1993, political success largely alluded the Ntarinkong landlord even though financial success did not,  leaving many to say he sold his own election to the incumbent

But amidst a rapidly changing political landscape and the rise of the social media, government was quick to roll out its cream of propagandists and party barons to calm down nerves and keep the agitating youthful population in check amidst a ravaging Anglophone crisis in the South West and North West regions

Governments scramble came at a cost, making injurious mistakes along the way with the alleged report by so called transparency international observers which was later rejected by the international anti-corruption watchdog whose very foundation was built by one of the opposition candidates in a massive embarrassment to the whole world

But Kamo had made a statement of intent and the ball was rolling.

And when different legal teams of different candidates started making their way to the duck to face justice Clemet Atangana and his team of judges to present multiple evidences why elections  should either be canceled fully or partially, the people watch in excitement as their interests keeps growing and momentum building.

Social media was booming and with almost all local TVs broadcasting the hearings live, even those in the court could not have predicted this kind of popularity.

In a striking rendition and counter attack, Cameroons who is who in the legal profession battle it out in court with a historic audience as they seek to make history by forcing the  court of what many say are regime loyalist to cancel an election whose leaked results say Biya is destined to win with landslide

In a tear drubbing reminder with the potential to bring back a death conscience to live, different legal experts summoned the conscience of the President of the court and his fellow judges as they narrate countless ordeals and atrocities in Anglophone regions, unforgivable electoral fraud in uncountable areas and unbelievable cover-up by government

In one of the submissions, renowned legal icon and one of the presidential aspirants Barrister Akere Muna reminded the judges of their moral responsibilities to Cameroonians and the court they preside

“You are amongst the lucky few on earth ordained by God to decide the future of a country, please do make good use of it” he said as he look squarely into the eyes of justice Clement Atangana  he went on to narrates the ordeal of the Anglophones.

He reminded the court of the over 300 000 displaced persons in the two regions, over 85 villages burnt, thousands killed and above all the cancellation of the head of state visits due to security reasons.

On his part, barrister Agbor Balla decry the massive electoral fraud which took place in deserted Anglophone regions, decrying the fact that he counted just three persons at his Bunduma polling area but sees more than 3000 voters in a list send to Yaoundé.

Team Kamto and Libii have deposited a flurry of what they say are evidences to the court, submitting papers and documents of what they say are alleged fraud and doctored electoral results especially in the Anglophone regions by the ruling CPDM as they seek to have elections in those areas overruled

Cameroon throws out 16 poll petitions, Kamto’s fight against ‘biased’ council flops

Cameroon’s Constitutional Council yesterday, October 16, dismissed as many as sixteen of eighteen post-poll petitions presented before it by aggrieved opposition members and parties.

Among those whose applications were dismissed were Cabral Libii. Self acclaimed poll winner, Maurice Kamto, leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM, was himself present in court to make submissions.

Kamto had advanced an argument of partiality on the part of the Council as he sought the disqualification of six members. He accused them of being persons who had the interest of the ruling CPDM at heart and thus unfit for the exercise.

He was ruled as not having a strong enough basis to demand for another judicial body to sit on the issue. The sitting which took place in Yaounde was suspended at a time Kamto’s party was to adduce evidence on irregularities in areas it wanted results cancelled.

Leader of the Council, Clement Atangana, has long been accused of been a loyalist of incumbent Paul Biya. Biya is seeking a seventh term in office, his fourth under the multi-party era.

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National Dialogue: Government delegations jet abroad to convince unrepentant separatists



A group of persons has been dispatched across the world to receive contributions of Cameroonians living in the diaspora ahead of the Major National Dialogue.

The various delegations will be heading to parts of Europe, America and on the continent to discuss with Cameroonians and get their views ahead of the dialogue.

The delegation to America and Canada is headed by Prof. Fru Angwafor and has as members Pr. Ufei Chinje Melo, Senator Mbella Moki Charles and Hon. Mbe Assae.

The delegation moving to France, UK, Belgium, and Germany is headed by Prof. Diane Acha Mofor while that heading to Nigeria and South Africa is led by Hon. Enwi Francis.

But many believe this would be a daunting task for Yaoundé. The Diaspora communities have been hostile with the government and all its officials and recent history spell doom for the latest move

While the Francophone Diaspora have constituted themselves into a dreaded BAS movement which has made Europe uninhabitable for presidential couples, the Anglophones diaspora on their part has refused to even recognize the government as their own.

Most of them fund the struggle for secession back in the Anglophone regions of the country and are hell-bent to divide the country many believe is policies forced them to seek for economic fortunes in another man’s land despite being so rich and so blessed.

After the speech by the head of state on September 10th, 2019 which was highly applauded and warmly received across the board, many Anglophone diaspora rather attempted to pour cold water on the move, declaring it another political show and vowed to continue the war on the ground.

They roll out a series of conditions for any dialogue, among which they say must takes place in a neutral country, chaired by UN and attended by all their arrested leaders, most of whom have been sentenced life.

Even as their opposition was drowned in a sea of aspiring and suffering population who are eager for any dialogue of any kind to end the killings and suffering back home, Dion Ngute and Co know the potency of the Diaspora strike force even when their message fails to resonate across the people they claim they now control and “govern”.

The strong delegation heading to Europe, US and other African countries constitutes of Anglophone members of government and elites are designed to woe the hardliners to come to the dialogue table and decide the fate of the regions and indeed the country.

Many of them (delegation members) would be wary of the ugly scenes and massive protests and retributions the last time their colleagues attempted such visit to convince the diaspora to end the crisis back home.

Any success of the grand national dialogue certainly rest with those fueling the conflict back home through funding and unrivaled social media propaganda and Dion Ngute and his team understands that the success of the dialogue might very well depend on the outcome of the latest political charm offensive across the globe 

Two years ago, delegations sent by the government of Cameroon to dialogue with Cameroonians in the diaspora led to ugly scenes in Belgium, South Africa, Canada, and the USA.


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Atanga Nji made three key declarations in his high level security meeting in Bamenda



The Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji has held a high level security meeting in the North West region with administrative officials in that part of the country.

He met with them behind closed doors to discuss the administrative situation of the regions and transmit special instructions from the Head of State for the administrators to keep the situation under control.

On the alleged burial of a woman in Batibo, the Minister revealed the Head of State has ordered for investigations to be opened for the perpetrators to be brought to book.

He said, measures are being taken to trace the area where the woman was buried for her corpse to be exhumed and given a befitting burial.

Paul Atanga Nji also instructed the administrative officials to start consultations at the base ahead of the Major National Dialogue which takes place at the end of this month



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National Dialogue: The world applauds, SDF and Kah Wallah table “must-do-list”



As Yaoundé receives applause and standing ovation from diplomatic circles at home and abroad following the much-awaited dialogue announced for the end of September by President Biya, the country’s prime minister charged with ensuring the success of the dialogue has begun holding consultations with stakeholders and political leaders to set the stage for the historic rendez-vous

While the UN, the commonwealth, La Francophonie and AU have all embraced  the move many now consider a diplomatic win for the 86 years old, the country’s chief opposition party, the SDF is saying not too fast

In a late nights press release issued barely hours after their meeting with Premier Dion Ngute on September 12th 2019 at the star building, the opposition party outlined six major demands for a successful dialogue.

According to the press release signed by the party’s first Vice President MP. Joshua Osih, the planned dialogue must be chaired by a neutral person, involves a third party including the US, UK and Germany, exclude the countries army and be ready to discuss the form of the state amongst other demands

The two page press release comes barely hours after another striking communique issued by opposition leader and activists Edith Kah Wallah

The former SDF scribe in a communique of her own had cautioned the government earlier to be open and ready to discuss the form of the state in a declaration which mirrors that of her former party.

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