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Constitutional council bust Kamto’s bubble after two days of historic hearing

After two days of breathtaking trial at the country’s newly created Clement Atangana led constitutional council; the court has ruled against candidate Maurice kamto and consequently kills his hopes for the calling for the partial cancellation of results in 7 out of the ten regions of the country.

The court rejected all 9 petitions submitted by the MRC leader despite mounting evidences presented during a hearing which was broadcast on all national televisions live for two days with over 10 million Cameroonians watching daily in a historic hearing

According to the President of the Constitutional Council, all nine petitions were unfounded even as the people’s court couldn’t disagree more as the decision sparked outrage on social media.

The President of the council called on kamto and his 14 man legal team to take administrative matters brought in during their case to administrative courts as the population watches in shock how all petitions filed to the council are being kick-out .

However, the outcome is not surprising to many Cameroonians who had earlier pointed out that the Constitutional Council will rule in the favor of the ruling party and its leader appointed the members.

Candidate Maurice Kamto who had given sleepless nights to regime barons after declaring himself winner barely 24 hours after close of polls on October 7th 2018.

He had rallied a team of some of the best legal minds the continent can boost of as they swamp the Yaoundé court to prove to the world their election will be stolen

But despite more than twenty hours legal punches thrown at one another as different parties battle it out with the coming into the spotlight of some bright faces that instantly became internet sensation due to their legal prowess, the decision of the courts has left many asking what next.

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