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Biya seizes another 7 years mandate to the shagging of many, but where is the Cameroonian pharaoh?

The Constitutional Council in Cameroon has declared Paul Biya, the winner of the October 7 presidential election.

In Monday’s proclamation, the court’s president Clement Atangana declared the incumbent winner with a resounding lead of 71% of votes cast, while his closest challenger, Maurice Kamto garnered 14% of the votes cast.

voters: 6 667 754
Voters: 3 590 681
Per of Participation: 53,85 br Blank Vote : 52 716
Cast ballot : 3 537 965
1- Biya : 71,28
2- Kamto : 14,23%
3- Libii l: 6,28%
4- Osih : 3,35%
5- NdamNjoya : 1,73%
6- Garga : 1,55%
7- Ndifor : 0,67%
8- Matomba : 0,56%
9- Muna : 0,35%

He added that the election was free, fair and credible despite a few security challenges in the English speaking regions.

But after the proclamation of the results, thousands of Cameroonians have taken to  social media to condemned the reelection of the 85 years old who only got over 2million votes in a country of about 25 million people

“God why” a social media user wrote as many now say the country is in for another 7 years of hardship and economic bondage with a possibility of a worsening Anglophone crisis which Biya has failed to tackle peacefully.

Where is the President

But as the results were declared, many were asking whereabouts of the president as even the state broadcaster CRTV could not see the commander in chief for a short interview after his victory.

The newly elected president who has ruled Cameroon for 36 years did not attend the result proclamation ceremony which was also boycotted by many opposition party leaders including Maurice kamto and some are saying the ageing President did not want to stress while attending the hours long event and is probably resting at the unity palace

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He was however in attendance when the results of the senate wad being proclaimed months back even though it was a relatively shorter event

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