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Meet Donald Nghateng, boss of Cameroon’s lone entrepreneurial news platform tnghatus.com

He is one of the finest youth entrepreneurs in the South West region of Cameroon and has taken his passion to help youths online with the creation of Cameroon’s first entrepreneurial online news website in the country.

Mr. Nghateng Donald is the CEO and publisher of http://www.tnghatus.com, an online news blog which focuses on entrepreneurship, raising awareness about what young Cameroonians and Africans are doing to change their environment.

His blog which also covers other hot topics of the news like politics was created in July 2018 but has already gained popularity and it’s a household name in Anglophone Cameroon and a reference for many young Cameroonians to get inspiration and accurate information in an increasingly unreliable web space with fake news littered on many news platforms.

Speaking to TeboPost on why the focus on entrepreneurships in his online news platform, the young and promising blogger says “many people are creating online news blogs about politics, entertainment and other stuffs which are quite great but doesn’t really have the kind of impact our youths in Cameroon and Africa need if we want transform this country and indeed the continent

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