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Editorial: Kamto’s erratic behavior is pushing Osih into an unholy bromance with Paul Biya’s CPDM

SDF's Osih and CPDM Paul Biya
SDF's Osih and CPDM Paul Biya

The 2018 Presidential election is over, at least in the words of combative minister of territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji even though Maurice Kamto and his supporters still feel they were robbed of their votes and the fight is not over.

Different congratulatory messages from world leaders and international organizations have been pouring in as the country’s state broadcaster trumpets them to the Cameroonians who still consider the rebranded state CRTV as news platform of choice in a bid to pour cold water on any anti-Biya sentiments which might be building from Kamto’s camp as a tensed Yaoundé awaits Biya installation

But amidst the political drama which currently plays out in Yaoundé and indeed Douala, lies a silence cozzying of ties between the SDF Presidential candidate for 2018 Joshua Osih and the ruling CPDM party.

Despite taking the party into an election many consider a historic mistake and slumping in the pecking order as the constitutional council results says Cameroonians have ditched the party of Ni John Fru Ndi as the chief opposition party to a distant 4th position in the race.

Their aspirant, Osih has been adamant, refusing to apologies to their militants or those left of it for their historic and insulting lost which has moved the party to the bottom of the political queue in the country’s one party democracy

SDF still naively believes they have not lost their stronghold of North West and South West regions that they abandon in times of need and went into an election many of their supporters had begged their party leaders not to.

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But after a painful fight at the country’s newly created Constitutional Council which is now becoming a tradition for the SDF, which many now in many respect called insanity, they got same results which saw their petitions which Bishop Samuel Kleda says were credible enough thrown out by the Biya learning court and results announced in Biya’s favor with another landslide

The SDF seem to have failed to read the writing on the wall, misinterpreting the signs yet again as they say they are putting the election behind them and work hard for municipal and parliamentary elections in 2019, the kind of political arrogance demonstrated when they went into the presidential elections and came out smaller than they entered.

But it’s not SDF’s mistakes of the past which is keeping observers talking

The party has quickly forgotten about the massive fraud and voters’ irregularities which took place during the October 7th polls.

Their candidate Joshua Osih who boycotted the hearing of the results on October 22nd 2018 was one of the first persons to congratulate the head of state Paul Biya for his victory even though his party had claimed it was a stolen one

He has since then promised to work with the government to solve the ongoing Anglophone crisis while praying that God should guide the 85 years old President through his next 7 years in power in a rare, early and questionable concession given that the results of the elections are still being contested in some quarters.

But Osih’s rapprochement with the ruling party which sent CRTV to media frenzy might not be too surprising to many as some had always seen the party as an informal coalition partner with the ruling CPDM, accusing its founder of benefiting from the regime

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The kamto Effect-the enemy of my friend is my enemy

The SDF seem to be comfortable with is former second position it once held faithfully in the country for the past one generation.

Fru Ndu and his party seem to enjoy being on the shadows of the ruling CPDM, enjoying their position as chief opposition party even though they are aware there are no real prospects of them ever ruling the country.

Kamto’s coming into force has taken the SDF off guard. The party has been threatened and 2018 presidential elections proved that times are changing and the second spot it one so enjoy monopoly is not naturally SDF’s

Kamto whom many believe won the October 7th 2018 polls is not backing down, putting on a fight even though he has failed the receive support from within and without as other opposition parties have quickly taken a conciliatory tone, with some even expressing their desire to work with the ruling CPDM as Biya extends his 36 hears rule on power.

The SDF sees the MRC party as a threat to their political dominance especially as the Anglophone equation which was their backbone is gradually fading; hence, seeking a reconciliatory tone with the regime to fight and relegate kamto to the footnote of the country’s political history is a fight they can’t afford to lose

After all, impossible n’est pas cameroonias, they say, as the enemy of your enemy in Cameroon is your enemy

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